The Certified Wildlife Habitat – Creatures Who Make the Gardens Their Home

At any given moment on any given day

Black Swallowtail Butterfly


Eastern  Garter Snake

Creatures of both the day and night

White Breasted Nut Hatch

Make these gardens their home


It is an honor to provide an environment for all to live in harmony

Green frog Lithobates clamitans

In return they provide for us

American Goldfinch bird

A sense of peace

White marked Tussock moth caterpillar

A place for reflection

And connectivity with our Mother, Gaia


Black Swallowtail butterfly on Oriental lily
Chipmunk on log

Moon Glow – A Tale of the Harvest Moon

As I embraced the trunk I was warmed by her radiating heat

Oak tree at night

Was that her heat beating in anticipation of Luna’s rise?

Moon rise

Lifting my eyes skyward I saw Luna’s face marred by clouds just as smoke may hide the blue of the sky

Emerging moon

Without the rays of the sun delivering  the color spectrum objects are unable to break free from their silhouettes

Silhouetted trees

The vibrant colors of a sun-lite world now appeared as nothing more than drawings of ink

Moon glow

The moon through the leaves of a Black Walnut tree

Zilker Botanical Garden – Austin Texas

Despite temperatures topping 100 degrees,  gardens in Austin Texas flourish under a canopy of green

Lotus blossom Zilker Botanical Garden

Creatures co-exist with visitors

Lizard Zilker Bontanical Garden

observing us as we observe them

Carolina Anole Zilker Botanical Garden

Dragon flies rest atop Lotus blossoms

Dragonfly and Lotus Blossom

And under-foot every step is a portrait or still life

Pomagranite and random seed

Click below  to learn more about

Zilker Botanical Gardens

Sago palm Zilker Botanical Garden

Texas Holiday – Out of the Ashes, Bastrop State Park


The Bastrop County Complex fire was the most destructive wildfire in Texas history, striking areas of Bastrop County in September and October 2011.[8][9][10] Three separate fires started on September 4, 2011, as a result of strong winds caused by nearby Tropical Storm Lee, and merged into one large blaze that burned east of the city of Bastrop.[11] Two people were killed by the fire, which destroyed 1,673 homes and inflicted an estimated $325 million of insured property damage.[4][12][13][14] After being largely contained in late September, the fire was declared controlled on October 10, the fire had moved underground in October and finally extinguished on January 28, 2012. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Bastrop State Park Texas

There is no escape from the overwhelming feeling of life lost in a forest burned

Forest burned Bastrop State Park Texas

But even on a day when the searing heat of an August sun radiates down on lifeless trees – life springs forth

Beautyberry bush Bastrop State Park Texas

Shades of hot colors mimic flames that are locked in Gaia’s memory

Hiking trails in Bastrop State Park Texas

Creatures blend with new growth as not to stand out amongst a recharging undergrowth

Green spider on green leaf Bastrop State Park

Reaching skyward flowers  become next season’s life

Bastrop State Park Texas
Bastrop State Park Texas single tree

Who DO I See?

Maddie the dog




Maddie the dog 2





Maddie the dog 3




Maddie the dog, reflections





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