Accentuating the Garden

Lower garden

A collection of Hosta, Christmas and Painted ferns and heirloom Cowslips


              As if a myriad of greens and profusion of color are not enough

Vinca and Purple Wave petunia

Purple Wave petunia and Vinca planted at the base of a Golden Thread leaf Cypress













Gardeners add yet another level of interest to their gardens.


Bowling ball sphere and begonia flowers

Bowling ball sphere found curbside on junking day (free) and wax begonia flowers

Perusing roadsides on junking day, (trash day in America), local thrift stores or antique shops, equips the gardener with a Pandora’s box of innovative objects and ideas.

Brass birds on front garden

Brass birds purchased at a local thrift shop for only 2 dollars adorn the gardens at the front of the home

One is never enough

Lower garden additions

The bowling ball pyramid is now balanced by the former top of a fountain purchased at a local garden faire for only 25 dollars

An otherwise ordinary corner of the garden becomes an inviting destination.

Newest addition to the gardens

Cement cherub purchased at a local antique shop for 50 dollars

Maize Gold Buttercup – Shades of Yellow

As the rays of the midday sun-kissed the earth flowers stretched towards the cosmos

All were equal under the sun

Bumblrbee on self-seeded sunflower

As twilight overtook the gardens shadows elongated and colors began to compete for attention

Self-seeded portulaca flowers

One particular evening shades of yellow monopolized my sense of sight

Daylilies by the labyrinth

And drew insects both beneficial and destructive to petals sporting the color

Katydid on daylily flower

Japanese beetle on calendula flower


A Garden Canvas

More than half the year  a four-season garden is dominated by neutral shades

Middle Garden in WinterWinter Wisdom

Color is but a fleeting memory in the gardener’s mind’s eye

But then it begins…

Echinacea -Cone flowerin front of potting shed

The plans a  gardener has labored over throughout the winter months now are birthed

Oriental Lily

Every conceivable shade and color combine to create our garden canvas

Flowers in the foundation garden Lantana and Lobelia

Oriental lily

Marigold flowers

But our minds never rest

We are already mixing color and planning future portraits


A Beautiful Invasive Weed – Epipactis Helleborine or Orchids Abound

They caught my attention

Popping up under pine trees in my front yard

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine

Reminiscent of wild orchids I found as a child walking through hardwood forests of Northeast Pennsylvania

I thought I must be mistaken

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine  2

Unfortunately I was correct

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine  3

Unfortunately because these orchids are an introduced species brought to America as a medicinal plant which escaped those early gardens and now proliferate woodlands

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine  4

Careful what you wish for I’ve read they could become a gardeners worst nightmare!

Check out this link to learn more:  Homeowners Battling a Weedy Orchid

Only a Day — Daylilies in the Garden


Each blossom lasts but a day


Yet their numbers mask their fleeting existence



Colors mimic the heart of the sun

Double petaled daylily

A garden completed by their presence


Asiatic lily

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