The Sculpture Garden

The lower gardens include a myriad of sculptures all tied to this place, all tied to the earth. They honor what once was, the dreams of what may come and the life connection of all that is.  Even under a blanket of snow their beauty and mystique radiate through.

Discarded slate tiles from the Pennsylvania German Bank barn.

Twisted rebar from the replaced one-lane bridge down the lane.

Slate lifted from the earth.

The Dreamer surrounded by the snow covered circuits of the labyrinth.

The energy of the pyramid pulsates through the snow.

The vines entwine calling to us to walk further down the path.

Beyond Clothed Trees

Did you hear it? Did you see?

What hides amongst clothed trees

Wind whipped branches striped of leaves

Let’s us peek through unclothed trees

Near the ground out of sight Ready for a long cold night

One last leaf swirling round – CAUGHT

Holiday Update

As Santas’ are wrapped and placed into their bins and Christmas garland is hung in the storage closet,  colors of white and red, hearts and love begin to adorn doors and mantels. Valentine’s Day may be a month away but it’s never too early to celebrate!

Valentine's decorations 2020
Valentine mantel decorations

Valentine's Day decorations 2020
Entry door Valentine decorations

Valentine's Day 2020
Valentine wreath

Valentine Day 2020
Valentine shutter

When we moved into our home in 2004 the former owners left a treasure trove of shutters! The green shutters on the fireplace mantel were already painted green!

Valentine Day 2020
Potting Shed door

All I need to do is to walk into the woods behind our home to cut down grapevines and create wreaths, hearts and garlands.

As always, thank you for stopping by!



Letting Go of Christmas

Most people count down the days until Christmas, I on the other hand count the number of days I have until the last decoration is placed gently into it’s designated bin. As of today I sit have one tree fully decorated and floral and pine accents adorning the house. From year to year I usually follow a set pattern for decorating relying on photographs of past Christmases to help my memory.  This year  I chose to mix it up. I tried to create vignettes that would gracefully flow into a winter theme. I found the most challenging aspect of this holiday season was NOT buying into the year-end treasure trove of holiday decorating sales. I’m still visualizing the white pine bough garland that I could have bought for $6.00 a bough to change next year’s theme. But alas, storage eventually becomes a challenge!


Christmas 2019
Welcome, Come in…

Christmas 2019
The door into the dining room

Christmas 2019
Walk through the door into the living room

Christmas 2019
The fireplace mantel and living room tree The door on the right leads in to the master bedroom

Christmas 2019
The master bedroom

Christmas 2019
Upstairs guest bedroom

Christmas 2019
Upstairs guest bedroom

Christmas 2019
Family room Christmas tree – Tinsel and vintage ornaments

Christmas 2019
Santa’s workshop