the process of coming into being

of becoming important


Each spring layers disappear and what lies beneath waiting

Emerges into the light of a new season

Scilla emerging from the snow

Iris emerging from the snowSweet violets amongst the rocks

Self-seeded helleborus



Transformative Qualities

And so it begins

A miniscule sphere harboring new life


Emerging as  a creature from a nightmare

Juvenile Black Swallowtail Caterpillar



Growing into a character in a children’s dream


Black swallowtail caterpillar on dill

Ever so slowly shedding greens and yellows encasing its soft body in an armor of crusty brown


To one day emerge into a creature which we embrace as a symbol of what we can attain


It does not happen in a blink of an eye, it does not happen over night

Days, weeks months in a life that exists for but a short period of time

Once its insatiable appetite for parsley, dill or carrot greens  has been quelled it will travel  long distances to find a place to rest as it transforms into a creature no longer shackled to the earth

We too have the capacity to transform but only after many years of feeding our own voracious appetite for that which we are drawn to

Look to the sky to see them glide on an invisible current and know we too can unshackle ourselves from that which keeps us from soaring ever higher

Last Night


Oriental lily

Aromatic scents fill the air

Perennial flower border

The earth’s perfume – sweet, earthy, musk and floral notes tease our sense of smell

Sunflower at twilight

 A walk through a garden is experiential

Oriental lilly and Drumstick allium

Daffodil Days

Immortalized in poetry

Close-up of early bloomong daffodil

Burned into memory

Daffodils on bank

Anticipation of sunshine here on earth

Daffodils rescued from a local cemetery

Only here for a fleeting moment

Close-up of daffodil cup

Returning next spring

Late blooming daffodils in lower garden

Beside the lake beneath the trees fluttering and dancing in the breeze 

from  William Wordsworth‘s  Daffodils

 Early bloomong daffodils All daffodils photographed  in this post were rescued from local homes and cemeteries

Two Steps Forward One Step Back

The DreamerSlowly she awakens

The standing stone and Winter Aconite flowers

Casting off the blanket that has kept her warm for these many long months

Victorian sculpture in the lower gardens

She opens her eyes and looks towards the sun

Winter Aconite flowers in the snow

But air around her still holds a winter chill

Barn roof slaate sculpture in the lower gardens

Turning over she pulls the blanket tight against her

Bowling Ball Standing stone and Winter Aconite flowers in the snow

Just a few more days…


Friday March 13th, And So It Begins

And so it begins not with a bang but with whispers

Close-up Witch hazel blossom flower

Small increments – not overwhelming – subtle

Witch Hazel shrub

No longer are echoes of memories all I have


The earth and sun’s dance has once again brought them full circle

Witch Hazel blossoms

Gaia awakens her children

Hen and Chicks

We are reunited with those we have missed for so long

Snowdrops under thriftstore sculpture


 Hen and Chicks flowers