Beyond Clothed Trees

Did you hear it? Did you see?

What hides amongst clothed trees

Wind whipped branches striped of leaves

Let’s us peek through unclothed trees

Near the ground out of sight Ready for a long cold night

One last leaf swirling round – CAUGHT

A Peek into Rural Eastern PA

Our world is an amazingly beautiful place

Mountains cloaked in clouds, blue-green waters kissing white sand.

I see beauty in everything outside my backdoor, I wonder if you see it too …

Tiger swallowtail
Tiger swallowtail butterfly on Autumn sunflower


Pennsylvania farm
Pennsylvania farm


Field corn
Field corn


Abandoned milk silo
Abandoned silo


Wild concord grapes
Wild grapes


Chicory growing at the edrge of a soybean field
Chicory growing at the edge of a soybean field


Bluebird on sumac
Bluebird on sumac


Liza in fields of soy
Liza in fields of soy





Autumn Falling

Autumn overwhelms our senses

Sunrise over our neighbor's home morning has indeed broken

Sienna – Maize – Umber

Oak and Maple trees behing our home

Terra Cotta – Walnut – Scarlet

The labyrinth with Native Red maple

The wind dancing through the leaves and the hairs on our skin

Turning its dance into a frontal assault as it roars through trees ripping the last of the leaves from their branches leaving behind skeletal remains

Leafless trees behind home

We witness the reaping of Gaia’s sustenance as combines roll over fields of soy and corn

Firlds of soybean and corn Eastern Pennsylvania

Leaving her creatures to glean what humans leave behind

Canada geese feeding on corn kernnels

Night falls earlier homes become our refuge
Pennsylvania homestead
As others choose to leave

Canada Geese