An Amusing Sighting – Northern Green Frog

Walking through a garden, a wooded area or a park offers those who seek out vignettes of the natural world numerous opportunities. An opportunity arose just behind my home by a downspout water garden. The Green frog who has made this water garden home took a the opportunity to bask in the sun in a most unusual  way. Enjoy!

Northern Green Frog

Northern Green frog close-up

Not For the Faint of Heart – Creatures of Valley View Who Share the Garden Space

There is a beauty and tranquility that gardeners aspire to create in their garden spaces.

Iris in small molded pond

What we sometimes seem to forget is that before we began to  move’ dig or change the landscape there were creatures who inhabited the space before us.

Green frog

In order to create a space rich in energy and in balance with our Mother,

Nursery Web spider close-up

We must honor those who live near and beneath our feet.

Eastern Garter snake eye half closed

I have come to understand these creatures and do not seek to harm them in any way.

Venusta Orchard Spider on leaf

First and foremost it’s important to know these amazing reptiles, amphibians and insects are not poisonous, they do not seek me out to harm me.

Nursery Web spider with egg case

Instead we have a symbiotic relationship.

Green frog with reflection

I create garden spaces and they take care of things that seek to harm it.

Eastern Garter snake

For those who garden in areas where creatures live that may do the gardener harm, care is of utmost importance. But if like myself you are fortunate to live in an area free of harm, enjoy and honor those who share your garden space!


When You Provide Water, They Will Come – Certified Wildlife Habitat 139,583

When you provide … they will come

Green frog 2014

One of the 4 key components of a Backyard Wildlife Habitat is water with the other 3 being food, cover and places to raise young. Providing water can be as simple as placing a bird bath in the garden  or as complicated as installing a pond.

Reflection of the sumac stand

 I have provided a bird bath, installed a small, molded pond  as well as creating downspout watering holes.

Pond in lower gardens
This pond in the lower garden was created using a plastic molded form purchased at a yard sale for two dollars.
Green Frog
Galvanized tubs are placed under downspouts to catch the rain. Animals now use them as a summer home. The tubs are surrounded by river rock which allows the water to flow into the gardens without washing the soil away.

  At every water source animals who share this space come  to drink, sun themselves and play.


Three Green frogs sunning themselves on a log in the pond
Three Green frogs sunning themselves in the molded pond.

To help the smallest creatures who frequent the ponds, I’ve provided a way to enter and exit the water.  Even amphibians and insects could drown without an exit strategy.

Green frog
A green frog sitting on a partially submerged log used as a ramp for smaller creatures to move safely in and out of the pond.

 Providing water not only helps those who share this space called a garden,  it also provides a place of harmony,

a place to co-exist.

Pond in the lower gardens
Every day after work Maddie looks forward to her walk through the gardens. Her favorite spot is the pond where she stalks the “wild” frog.
Green frog Lithobates clamitans
Green frogs (Rana clamitans), are a common anuran of the eastern half of the United States. The two green frogs pictured in this photo have shared a galvanized tub all summer.