Spectacular Spiders

A Halloween harbinger 

Spinning a web in darkness

Silken strands 

Caught in my hair

orb spider web

Orb spider

Orb spider in black and white

Spider in barn


Spider web with dew

Spiders in a garage Austin Texas

___Happy Halloween     Happy Halloween       Happy Halloween       Happy Halloween ___ 


Not For the Faint of Heart – Creatures of Valley View Who Share the Garden Space

There is a beauty and tranquility that gardeners aspire to create in their garden spaces.

Iris in small molded pond

What we sometimes seem to forget is that before we began to  move’ dig or change the landscape there were creatures who inhabited the space before us.

Green frog

In order to create a space rich in energy and in balance with our Mother,

Nursery Web spider close-up

We must honor those who live near and beneath our feet.

Eastern Garter snake eye half closed

I have come to understand these creatures and do not seek to harm them in any way.

Venusta Orchard Spider on leaf

First and foremost it’s important to know these amazing reptiles, amphibians and insects are not poisonous, they do not seek me out to harm me.

Nursery Web spider with egg case

Instead we have a symbiotic relationship.

Green frog with reflection

I create garden spaces and they take care of things that seek to harm it.

Eastern Garter snake

For those who garden in areas where creatures live that may do the gardener harm, care is of utmost importance. But if like myself you are fortunate to live in an area free of harm, enjoy and honor those who share your garden space!


Texas Holiday – Out of the Ashes, Bastrop State Park


The Bastrop County Complex fire was the most destructive wildfire in Texas history, striking areas of Bastrop County in September and October 2011.[8][9][10] Three separate fires started on September 4, 2011, as a result of strong winds caused by nearby Tropical Storm Lee, and merged into one large blaze that burned east of the city of Bastrop.[11] Two people were killed by the fire, which destroyed 1,673 homes and inflicted an estimated $325 million of insured property damage.[4][12][13][14] After being largely contained in late September, the fire was declared controlled on October 10, the fire had moved underground in October and finally extinguished on January 28, 2012. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Bastrop State Park Texas

There is no escape from the overwhelming feeling of life lost in a forest burned

Forest burned Bastrop State Park Texas

But even on a day when the searing heat of an August sun radiates down on lifeless trees – life springs forth

Beautyberry bush Bastrop State Park Texas

Shades of hot colors mimic flames that are locked in Gaia’s memory

Hiking trails in Bastrop State Park Texas

Creatures blend with new growth as not to stand out amongst a recharging undergrowth

Green spider on green leaf Bastrop State Park

Reaching skyward flowers  become next season’s life

Bastrop State Park Texas
Bastrop State Park Texas single tree

The Web of Life

Walking silently into the garden I seek out  manifestations of the inter-connectedness of life.

A once drifting beauty becomes sustenance  for an eight-legged wonder


While yet another lies in wait hoping a raindrop will not wash away all it had created. (This spider lives on a leaf of the plant featured in Mystical Morning)

Thank you for visiting the garden today.

A Mother’s Love

As I picked up the spent flowers from the Marigolds and Bachelor Buttons, this Nursery Web spider dove into the grass and quickly curled her body around her egg sac protecting it from me and the midday sun.

 Next to her, attached to the ceiling, Wilbur saw a curious object. It was a sort of sac, or cocoon. It was peach-colored and looked as though it were made of cotton candy.”Are you awake, Charlotte?” he said softly.
“Yes,” came the answer.
“What is  that nifty little thing? Did you make it?”
“I did indeed,” replied Charlotte in a weak voice.
“Is it a plaything?”
“Plaything? I should say not. It is my egg sac, my magnum opus.”
“I don’t know what a magnum opus (masterpiece) is,” said Wilbur.
“That’s Latin,” explained Charlotte. “It means ‘great work.” This egg sac is my great work – the finest thing I have ever made.”

“What’s inside it?” asked Wilbur. “Eggs?”
“Five hundred and fourteen of them,” she replied.
“Five hundred and fourteen?” said Wilbur. “You’re kidding.”
“No, I’m not. I counted them. I got started counting so I kept on – just to keep my mind occupied.”

“It’s a perfectly beautiful egg sac,” said Wilbur, feeling as happy as though he had constructed it himself.
“Yes, it is pretty,” replied Charlotte, patting the sac with her two front legs. “Anyway, I can guarantee that it is strong. It’s made out of the toughest material I have. It is also waterproof. The eggs are inside and will be warm and dry.”

 From Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White

We can only imagine how many eggs this mother Nursery Web spider is gently carrying in hers.

Instinct or love, her work is never done.