4:02 PM

The droning of insects  reverberates throughout my body

Katydid at night

It begins with a subtle vibration on my ear drum which slowly permeates ever fiber of my being

Perhaps their songs are louder today as they instinctually know the world is in balance.

Twelve hours of light – twelve hours of darkness

Setting sun in Maine
A setting sun

Gaia is readying her children for what is to come

Ant at work
Ant at work

Birds of all sizes and colors join in the chorus as they search the fields and trees for seed and nut

Chipping sparrow
Chipping sparrow in Norway spruce

Creatures who hug the earth are ever vigilant

Eastern Garter snake
Eastern Garter snake in the vegetable garden

As a kaleidoscope changes so does the landscape

The autumn flower garden
The autumn flower garden

Shades of green gives way to a patchwork of gold, orange and red

Estuary in Maine
Estuary in Maine

Autumn is upon us, there is still work to be done by all…

Harvest of gourds




The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

When William Shakespeare saidThe Eyes are the window to your soul, he was no doubt talking about the human soul. To equate a soul to an animal can become quite a contentious debate. Having spent my adult life in stewardship to our Mother Earth I absolutely believe all her children have souls. When I look into their eyes I see their connection to the earth, an understanding of this place they call home. Their connection is often deeper than ours. They are part of a web many of us have turned away from. Take a moment and try to connect as they do.


Maddie and her pumpkin


Eastern  Garter Snake
Common Garter Snake
American Toad
Nursery Web Spider carrying her egg case
Red Tail Hawk