Merry Christmas to All

A touch of snow amidst a secret garden 


5 Days and Counting – A Rustic Barn Wedding

New lights have been added

Barn repurposing ligjhts

barn repurposing lights and more lights

Chairs and tables are being delivered

Barn repurposing chairs and tables

Outdoor vignettes are popping up


Fall decorations

Benches repaired

The labyrinth in September 2016

And bridal colors begin to show

Barn wedding decorations


Who Watches the Garden Grow?

Twelve winter seasons at this place we call home

The labyrinth January 1st, 2016

Twelve years of growth, of knowledge, of mistakes

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine 2
Invasive orchid

Alyssum and violas have braved freezing nights




But never have Helleborus rose so confidently above a barren ground



Projects begun and completed

A waiting game - bowling ball pyramid


Dreams of those yet to come


Join with us who watch the garden grow in anticipation of what Gaia has planned for us.


All images of flowers taken January 1st, 2016 excluding the invasive orchid

Sumac berries
Sumac berries

Glorious Gardens

What is heaven?  Being raised in a culture  where we were taught all good people go to heaven, as a child I often visualized what my heaven would look like.  For years I thought it would be an expansive beach.  I would walk along the water’s edge picking up broken shells and putting them back together. 

Lover's Key  State Park Fort Myers Beach Florida

But as I’ve aged I now believe I have found heaven on earth. 

Bearded Iris and the Dreamer at the Labyrinth

It is a place where I toil from morning to evening co-creating a living canvas. 

Newest gardens at Labyrinth

Colors blend, creatures thrive and happiness abounds.

Pink Columbine and Wine and Roses Weigela
Pink Columbine and Wine and Roses Weigela


Jacob's Ladder flower

Another Snow

The labyrinth is under nine inches of snow


Much more than this!

Snow covered labyrinth

Blueberry bushes planted this past fall are nowhere to be seen

And I sit watching Juncos, Sparrows, Finches and Titmice swarm the feeder while yet another blanket of snow fall

Smokehouse AKA Potting Shed

Fear not the earth will warm and Gaia will laugh again!

Crested Iris

Daffodil flowers and Darwin Tulips
Daffodil flowers and Darwin Tulips

Red Admiral on Sunflower

Pink Moccasin flower

Garden Walk – The Lower Gardens

An oasis of green – Chartreuse – jade – moss


The Standing Stone Today

Once a vineyard then a horse corral

Hosta border under hypertufa leaves

The lower garden was carved and created

Looking south into the garden

Lower garden slope

Out of a shale laden slope and edge of the wood weed patch

Lower garden
Shale slope behind the house
Cowslips and Hellebores in the lower garden
Edge of the woods by the stream


Enchantment - bowling ball pyramid


Crop Circles

Spoiler alert! – this is not a post about the mystical circles found throughout the English countryside, but a post about the circles found within the natural world.

Whether you look up

or down, you’ll find the circular shape replicated again and again.

Circles may be as massive as the sun or as minute as the spider’s eyes.

You find them in every shade of every color.

An insight into the natural world or an insight into the soul of creation, circles abound.

Just look into the eyes of someone you love and you will find a circle!

For those who have young children take them on a circle walk. Encourage them to count the number of circles they discover during their journey. You’ll be amazed to see the world through their eyes!

As always, thanks for stopping by!