Intimate Spaces


Vegetable garden
Vegetable garden

A garden for a gardener is a reflection

Sitting area in the lower gardens
Seating area in the lower gardens

A reflection of who they are

potting shed in July
Potting Shed in July

Each bed is a piece of a puzzle once completed mirrors the gardener’s soul

Standing stone and hosta Whirlwnd
Standing stone and hosta Whirlwind

A piece of planned chaos – a piece of chromatic flora – a piece of neutral shades

Outside the back door
Outside the back door


Rain Garden behind home
Rain Garden behind home



Come, walk the garden paths and meet me

The labryinth garden
The labyrinth garden


Looking down on  lower gardens
Looking down on lower gardens


Deer sculpture an way to lower gardens
Deer sculpture on way to lower gardens


Hosta Herifu and the pyramid
Hosta Herifu and the pyramid

4:02 PM

The droning of insects  reverberates throughout my body

Katydid at night

It begins with a subtle vibration on my ear drum which slowly permeates ever fiber of my being

Perhaps their songs are louder today as they instinctually know the world is in balance.

Twelve hours of light – twelve hours of darkness

Setting sun in Maine
A setting sun

Gaia is readying her children for what is to come

Ant at work
Ant at work

Birds of all sizes and colors join in the chorus as they search the fields and trees for seed and nut

Chipping sparrow
Chipping sparrow in Norway spruce

Creatures who hug the earth are ever vigilant

Eastern Garter snake
Eastern Garter snake in the vegetable garden

As a kaleidoscope changes so does the landscape

The autumn flower garden
The autumn flower garden

Shades of green gives way to a patchwork of gold, orange and red

Estuary in Maine
Estuary in Maine

Autumn is upon us, there is still work to be done by all…

Harvest of gourds




One Winter’s Day

I stood alone amongst swaying trees

Reminents of Bamboo grass in the winter garden

Groaning,  creaking bark rubbing against bark, branches entwined cracking

Winter tress in the lower gardens

A cold, damp wind permeated my soul

Aging Bowling ball pyramid in the lower gardens

I sought refuge with the Dreamer…

The Dreamer in the labyrinth

and realized I had not been the only one

Deer track in the snow lower gardens

I pulled my scarf tighter around my neck and clutched my coat hoping to keep the cold at bay

The labyrinth under ice and snow

Even on frozen days the garden’s beauty shines through

Bronze sculpture sitting in the snow

The garden is a refuge,  not only for me but also for those who prowl its paths after dark

Cat print in the ice

Feed the Birds

Allowing native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to  proliferate not only strengthens the web of life it is partnering with Gaia.

Blue Jay bird on sumac

Adding additional food sources to the gardens helps to feed the creatures who share our space.

Chipmunk on sunflower

In eastern Pennsylvania October is the time to help gardens ready for the coming winter.

The potting shed in autumn

It is also a time to help the wildlife around us get ready for darker, colder days.

Downy Woodpecker on sunflower (bird)

Due to their high metabolic rate birds in particular need high-energy foods, those high in calorie and fat content.

Eastern Towhee (bird)

Juniper berries provide this important source of energy, containing 46% carbohydrate and 16% fat.

American robin bird on Eastern Red Cedar

Sunflower seeds contain almost 30 percent fat as well as fiber, protein, calcium, B vitamins, iron potassium and vitamin E.

Tuffed Titmouse on sunflower (bird)

Sharing a space means becoming a caretaker. We are an important part of the web of life. At this moment in time we are the only ones who can completely destroy it or strengthen each strand.

Black-capped Chickadee on sunflower (bird)