Rain in the Garden

The gentle rhythmic tapping of the rain throughout the night brought about an anticipation of what I would find once I walked through the door and into the garden


Droplets of rain coated every leaf, every bud


The closer I got, the more the water revealed

Oriental Lily bud 3

Yellow  Lily 1 2007

A Starbucks Kinda Morning

 {#} Gardens fine, no trees down, a dozen shingles gone

{#} Power on at home but none at work

{#} No communication networks working at home or work

{#} The car radio my only connection to the greater world

So here I sit, Saturday morning, Starbucks my savior, wait, did I actually say that? Truth be told, here I am. My camera didn’t sit idle, this past week. Tuesday morning I walked the gardens in the passing rain and wind, and later drove the neighborhood loop.  I could post photos of downed trees and homes engulfed by pine boughs but what caught my eye were the vibrant colors that blanketed the ground.

So to all who frequently stop by thank you and please forgive my non-responsive nature.