Why Does the Mantis Turn Green?

The most consistent answer I have found thus far is that it is an adaptive reaction to their environment.  If the environment is wet and humid they will be green, if it is dry they will be brown. 


Whether they are green or brown mantis are a welcomed addition to any garden!

Mantis Mania

Looking through photographs of last year’s growing season I see that I had I included ten images of the largest insect that share the gardens at Valley View, the Praying Mantis.


Each winter I scour the roadsides looking for their eggcases and carefully transporting them home.  I am careful to remove only  the cases I see are in danger of being destroyed.  Last year three came home with me. I placed one near the vegetable garden and the others in the flowerbeds.

During the growing season mantids could be found in every corner of the gardens and on most every surface of our home.

For fun and interesting facts about these amazing creatures check out this website. They love mantids as much as I do.


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