A Walk Beyond the Garden

The garden has become familiar.

I know it’s rock walls, the plants who have made it their home.

I’ve shared it’s life, death and rebirth cycles.

Today I walked beyond it’s boundaries and this is what I saw…

A local CSA, Terra Fauna, had planted a plot of Indian corn. Neighbors respect one another and the corn is waiting to be harvested.

Further down the road is the sheep farm. Lambs born this past February and March reach out for freshly cut hay.

Across the street, next to the homestead,

a cow rests in the barn.

Scattered around the property are remnants of farm implements.

Continuing on I pass the silos of a dairy farm. They and the milk tank are all that remain of a once vibrant local industry.

As I make the turn onto Hillside I look back upon  the dairy  farm

and pass homes decorated for Halloween.

My last turn onto Valley View brings my home into view. Once again I will work in the gardens and continue to co-create with Gaia. 



Feed the Birds

Allowing native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants to  proliferate not only strengthens the web of life it is partnering with Gaia.

Blue Jay bird on sumac

Adding additional food sources to the gardens helps to feed the creatures who share our space.

Chipmunk on sunflower

In eastern Pennsylvania October is the time to help gardens ready for the coming winter.

The potting shed in autumn

It is also a time to help the wildlife around us get ready for darker, colder days.

Downy Woodpecker on sunflower (bird)

Due to their high metabolic rate birds in particular need high-energy foods, those high in calorie and fat content.

Eastern Towhee (bird)

Juniper berries provide this important source of energy, containing 46% carbohydrate and 16% fat.

American robin bird on Eastern Red Cedar

Sunflower seeds contain almost 30 percent fat as well as fiber, protein, calcium, B vitamins, iron potassium and vitamin E.

Tuffed Titmouse on sunflower (bird)

Sharing a space means becoming a caretaker. We are an important part of the web of life. At this moment in time we are the only ones who can completely destroy it or strengthen each strand.

Black-capped Chickadee on sunflower (bird)



Last Night


Oriental lily

Aromatic scents fill the air

Perennial flower border

The earth’s perfume – sweet, earthy, musk and floral notes tease our sense of smell

Sunflower at twilight

 A walk through a garden is experiential

Oriental lilly and Drumstick allium

Ten Thousand Saw I At a Glance – Snow Geese

As I crested the hill all I could think of was  “Ten thousand saw I at a glance”

Ten thousand snow geese

But my thoughts were not dancing with daffodils but flying with snow geese

Single snow goose taking off

Their numbers mimicked a snowy field

Snow geese in field

And when they took to the sky they cast a dark shadow on the ground

Snow geese flying over road

As I got closer the beauty of individual members began to emerge

Snow geeese and Snydersville church


Individual grey snow goose

More than a sea of white feathers the colors of a foggy morning began to stand out

Snow geese in field

And when they soared skyward for the final time their black tipped wings faded in the distance

Snow geese in flight

Snow geese in flight 2

To see snow geese in previous years check out

Feeding Two Birds with One Seed

Snow Geese in Flight Winter Delight

Fly Away


A Glimpse Inside an American Home

Holiday traditions are as unique and varied as the people and countries on our planet. In Eastern Pennsylvania as in other parts of the United States we love to adorn our homes with lights and greenery. Driving through neighborhoods after dark we see how each family chooses to celebrate the holiday season. But I’ve also wondered how families adorn the interior of their homes. If you are like me and wondered what is behind the window, I welcome you to come in and share one family’s celebration!  Happy Holidays however you choose to celebrate!

Livingroom at Christmas 2

Living room at Christmas

Diningroom at Christmas with sled

Potato masher collection
Potato masher collection
Santa Christmas collection
Santa Christmas collection


Santa Christmas collection
Santa Christmas collection


Upstairs bedroom a toy-filled Christmas
Upstairs bedroom a toy-filled Christmas
Upstairs bedroom a deep-woods Christmas
Upstairs bedroom a deep-woods Christmas
Happy Christmas to All!
Happy Christmas to All!

Garden Share – October in the gardens

I am told by Weather  Channel personnel that this Sunday will mark the end of this year’s growing season in Eastern Pennsylvania.  The temperature is predicted to drop below 32 degrees and tender crops and flowers will return to the soil from which they sprang.  Another season ends, a new one begins.

Stripped cucumber beetle on rays of red Daisy mum

Spottted cucumber beetle on underside of Daisy mum

I have Friday plans to remove all Vinca, Impatiens, marigolds, tomatoes and peppers. I hope the broccoli, kale and chrysanthemums will weather a few frosty nights.

Close-up of broccoli buds

I’m not ready to let go. This series of photographs will help me through the long, cold winter days I know – are coming.

Red Daisy mum flower

Daisy mum flower pimk

Daisy mum flower close-up