Spottted cucumber beetle on underside of Daisy mum

500, Thank You – Whose Behind the Curtain 

It’s been over 5 years since I published my first post on WordPress. It has never gone viral, it remains a little blog sharing insights into the beauty of the natural world with a few diversions.

Butterflies at Pedernalas State Park Texas

Thank you to all who have stopped by over the years. I’ve enjoy meeting all of you and thank you for allowing me to peek into your worlds.

For those who have stopped by, you know only my avatar has given you a glimpse into who I am. Today this post looks behind the curtain. Why, I am not sure, other than it’s time to share a bit more! Thank you again,

Bonnie michelle at Pedernalas Falls State Park Texas

Bonnie Michelle

From Garden to Table: What happens when we have the time

It has been exactly 48 days since my last day of work. Interestingly enough my to do list has not grown any shorter.

Orange Day lily 

There are still weeds to pull, plants to be planted, vegetables to be harvested, meals to be cooked besides my official list of things to do.

Yellow summer squash twins 

Luckily I have Maddie to keep me on target. 

Maddie, my constant companion

Maddie, my constant companion

Time off has allowed me to focus on garden-to-table meals. I have always wanted  plan my growing season meals around what I’ve harvested.  Today I have an excess of yellow summer squash and string beans. 

Summer squash

Organic String beans

These string beans are from seeds gathered last fall. The third year this has been done!

They will become Summer Squash Gratin, a recipe from the New York Times, 

Summer Squash, red pepper and onions sauted in Herbes de Provence oil

Summer Squash, red pepper and onions sauteed in Herbes de Provence oil

and Roasted Parmesan Green Beans from Skinnytaste

 Be sure to click on the recipe links to check them out!  Both were delicious!

Stop back often to see the gardens in Real Time Share as well as other garden to table recipes.

 In addition October 1st the gardens and barn will be the backdrop for a wedding. Join me as I ready both for this festive occasion!

American Bank Barn Doors