Brown Pelican in flight

The Pelican in the Gulf

All birds are majestic: 

How can we look at something that flies above us and not be astounded by its ability to do something we cannot do naturally.

Brown Pelican

Astounded, perhaps mesmerized

Brown Pelican feeding

How do they uplift those awkward bodies from the water and glide on the wind

Brown Pelican in flight

I watch them swallow whole fish and gracefully return to a classic pose.

Brown Pelican feeding

Another reason to love the unusual.

Brown Pelican in black and white

The Brown Pelican Pair of Brown Pelicans

Shells Glorious Shells!

I cannot call it a hobby, it is more of an obsession.

Shells on Fort Myers Beach FLA

Pinks, purples, sienna, colors catch my eye.

Spiral gastropods,

Coupled bivalves

Twisting, turning

Some as smooth as glass

Each wave brings a new treasure,

One is never enough


Adding to this obsession is a museum dedicated to shells.

The Baily-Matthew National Shell Museum located on Sanibel Island is a  dream come true for shell collectors.

Take a moment and click on the highlighted names above and you too may dream of shells.


Sea pen on the beach

What the Gulf Discards

Beneath its sparkling surface exists a world only a faction of humans ever enter beyond their knees.

Sand Dollar in the gulf

Ark clam shell

Instead they walk her beaches collecting what she discards.

Purple sea urchin and sea shells

Sand dollar with barnicales

They traverse the shoreline hoping to find a treasure someone else has overlooked.

 Lettered olive, Oliva sayana,

Children race to be the first one to find what the wave has tossed upon the shore.

Strombus pugilis, common names the fighting conch, or the West Indian fighting conch,

There is peace in the rhythmic drone of waves bringing her treasures ever closer. 

Gulf coast sea shells


We all need time away, time away from our daily lives, time away from what we know, from what we have come to expect.

Echinacea and Liatris

We leave to escape thoughts that intrude upon our dreams. We leave to dream again.

Gulf coast sunset

We leave to reconnect.   To reconnect with family and friends, to reconnect with oneself.

Setting sun over Sanibel Island

We leave to enrich our lives. To create new memories experience new beginnings.

Storm coming

My holiday takes me to the sea – to the gulf coast of Florida.

View from our space on the gulf

I leave to discover what she shelters. What she protects and what she discards. Join me in my holiday as I journey to the sea.

Sea fan living in gthe bay by the Sanibel Lighthouse

Ameerican Toad

Certified Wildlife Habitat 139,583 – The Creatures Sharing This Space

Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids and birds all live within the balance of the web of life.

Green frog

Arrow-shaped Micrathena spider

Rose-breasted Grosebeak

When human kind enters and tries to control and change their environment to suit their needs the interconnectedness of the web is destroyed. Non-native species may enter, an imbalance of natives may occur. If we focus on the interconnectedness and provide the essentials needed for those who live here, food, water, cover and places to raise young, we can restore the balance.

Fly Catcher babies in nest under the southwest deck

caterpillar perhaps a dagger moth caterpillar

Ameerican Robin fledgling in sumac

During daily excursions into the gardens I am greeted by those with whom I share this space.

Hackberry butterfly seeking salt

Guarded but not afraid, they allow me to be the caretaker for this moment in time.

Whitetail deer fawn grazing behind the barn

As my reward they tolerate a close encounter.

House Wren feeding young

Common Garter Snake

Their likeness forever captured.

Tiger Swallowtail on Echinacea

Red Admiral on white echinacea flower

The Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis) is a North American nymphalid butterfly

I encourage you to go out into your shared space and photograph the creatures you encounter!

Red Cabbage

Eating A Rainbow

 Having a kitchen garden had always been a dream of mine.

 The kitchen garden

 To walk outside our backdoors, to pick fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables was once the norm and for many still is.

The vegetable garden between the home and bank barn

Connected to our mother Earth, being in tune with her heartbeat provides a security not found in daily commutes and eight-plus hour work days. Beginning in May and continuing though to the first autumn frost I know I will be provided for.

Yellow wax beans

I plant seeds and she waters and fertilizes new growth. 

Heirloom Red Beet

We co-create a garden that provides not only for the human family but also for a myriad of creatures who share our space. Birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids compete for a space to create a home or food for themselves and their young. I too compete in the reaping.

July harvest

Tomatoes, cabbages, peppers, sometimes I am not the first to harvest from the garden!

heirloom tomato


Mexicali Peppers

I do not mind sharing, they give back by strengthening the web of life through our inter-connectedness.

Monarch and the sunflower