Replication and Its Implications

In a world where we’ve already envisioned The Matrix and computer code is reality

All I can do is smile when confronted with naturally occurring creations

Ice CrystalsCedar

CedarIce Crystals

Ice Crystals


The Mantis and the Tomato Plant

Green on Green

Praying Mantis 4

Camouflaged – Lying in wait


Yet visible to those who seek her out

Praying Mantis 3

Danger to those who stray too close


Rain in the Garden

The gentle rhythmic tapping of the rain throughout the night brought about an anticipation of what I would find once I walked through the door and into the garden


Droplets of rain coated every leaf, every bud


The closer I got, the more the water revealed

Oriental Lily bud 3

Yellow  Lily 1 2007

Garden Walk – Middle Gardens

Every garden has its transition area, mine is the middle garden

Hosta Glen, once an area comprised of raspberry canes and invasive weeds, now an alternative walkway to the house

It’s base is 12 loads of shale dumped by a former owner to make an access what was then a horse pasture and now the lower gardens

Looking south, the “grass” (mostly weeds!) is atop the shale

The sun bakes the slopes in the afternoon,the grade is steep

A work in progress
Slope behind the house, a work in progress. When we moved in this was all grass and weeds.

But the areas already tamed are beautiful!

Walkway to Middle Gardens with Praying Hands Hosta in forefront
Larkspur and shrub rose Elsie Mae
Larkspur and shrub rose Elsie Mae in terraced gardens behind the house

New flowers have been planted

Oriental Lilies
New flower garden planted last year

And others have jumped into the gardens


The area has been used to grow pumpkins and gourds and will once again hopefully host the Great Pumpkin this fall!

American robin gathering nesting material
American robin gathering nesting material

A Garden Walk – Upper Gardens

Each new year adds another layer of nuance to the gardens

A view of the home looking south
A view of our home looking south

Beds are expanded, new plants arrive and others return to the soil

Foundation Planting - Northern Exposure
Foundation planting – Northern Exposure

The one constant is the organic nature of life  Рchange

Kitchen garden and potting shed, formally a smokehouse

Nothing remains static

Larkspur and Climbing Polka
Larkspur and Climbing Polka by the road at entrance to driveway

Even garden architecture will show the signs of age

Newest addition to the gardens
Newest addition to the gardens

Months of preparation morph into months of maintenance

Flower emerging on a Dill weed plant

The life of a gardener