Not For the Faint of Heart – Creatures of Valley View Who Share the Garden Space

There is a beauty and tranquility that gardeners aspire to create in their garden spaces.

Iris in small molded pond

What we sometimes seem to forget is that before we began to  move’ dig or change the landscape there were creatures who inhabited the space before us.

Green frog

In order to create a space rich in energy and in balance with our Mother,

Nursery Web spider close-up

We must honor those who live near and beneath our feet.

Eastern Garter snake eye half closed

I have come to understand these creatures and do not seek to harm them in any way.

Venusta Orchard Spider on leaf

First and foremost it’s important to know these amazing reptiles, amphibians and insects are not poisonous, they do not seek me out to harm me.

Nursery Web spider with egg case

Instead we have a symbiotic relationship.

Green frog with reflection

I create garden spaces and they take care of things that seek to harm it.

Eastern Garter snake

For those who garden in areas where creatures live that may do the gardener harm, care is of utmost importance. But if like myself you are fortunate to live in an area free of harm, enjoy and honor those who share your garden space!


The Kitchen Garden

It begins anew every year.

The Early May Garden

The Early May Garden

The Late May Garden

The Late May Garden

Changing – expanding





Seeds are harvested to be planted again

Red Oak Leaf lettuce grown from harvested seeds

Red Oak Leaf lettuce grown from harvested seeds

The cycle continues

Dill grown from harvested seeds

Dill grown from harvested seeds

Dill seed heads

Dill seed heads

There is unbound  joy from garden to table

Yellow Summer Squash

Yellow Summer Squash

French Breakfast Radishes

French Breakfast Radishes

Vegetables harvested, prepared and eaten the same day

Purple Pepper

Purple Pepper

A bounty to be shared with family and friends

The garden in Early June

The garden in Early June

The Garden in mid- June

The Garden in mid-June

A Step Back in Time – the Gardens in May

More than shades of green

Lower Gardens Bowling ball sculpture

Lower gardens planted with hostas and natives surrounding the bowling ball pyramid

Gaia’s children awoke and reached towards the sun


Jack-in-the-Pulpit flower

Colors popped

Alliums beside the stream in the lower gardens

Alliums beside the stream in the lower gardens

Rainbows mimicked

Maddie in the gardens, violas and columbines

Maddie amongst the violas and columbines

The gardens in full bloom

Ragwort and Ajuga

Ragwort and Ajuga surrounding slate sculpture


Wine and Roses Weigela

Wine and Roses Weigela




Come Back, Back to the Gardens

I’ve often said life gets in the way of living or perhaps its the other way around. However one chooses to interpret the statement, these past months life has indeed put obstacles in the way of living.  Even though the winter in Eastern Pennsylvania was not harsh to the outer world, it was harsh internally.

The labyrinth in spring

The labyrinth in spring

Early blooming daffodils

As days grew longer and the earth moved into another spring season I moved back into the gardens and pictures were taken and stored.

Lilac blossom

Lilac blossom

Daffodils near stream

Single Daffodil

Life continued to swirl around me.  Many changes occurred including retiring from an 18 year vocation. New paths are being created in the gardens and new paths are opening before me.

Pathway to the barn

Come back to the gardens and enjoy their ever-changing vistas.

Newest garden Ragwort and Ajuga

Reseeded hellebore


After the Blizzard – A Different Perspective

The snow had stopped and darkness ascended

Looking down toward the house

Venturing out the stillness was devoid of sound

Looking up toward the bank barn

The following day the sun shone through ice hanging from the rafters

Icicles and sunshine



And illuminated ever-changing snowscapes

Potting shed blizzard 2016

Potting shed 2 blizzard 2016

As the sun set on the first day colors exploded in the sky

Setting sun 1

Setting sun 2

And when the sun rose on the second day

Sunrise January 2016

Gaia had turned over and gone to sleep

Shyder's Church cemetery in the snow