Spring Has Come – Or has it?


From Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut

I had heard it suggested one time that the seasons in the temperate zone ought to be six rather than four in number: summer, autumn, locking, winter, unlocking, and spring. And I remembered that as I straightened up beside our manhole and stared and listened and sniffed.

Fritillaria FlowerTulip bud

For those who follow the cycle of life at the gardens of Valley View you have witnessed the Unlocking. Winter Aconite have bloomed and gone to seed. Glory of the Snow and Siberian Squill bring sky color to earth. We all thought Spring had arrived bur Gaia had other plans.  The Unlocking is still in process.  We have yet to cycle into Spring.  The past two nights temperatures dropped into the 20′s and the night before last Gaia added another blanket of white. Perhaps this weekend she will allow Spring to stay.

Spring Snow

Indeed Glorious! – Glory of the Snow

Single bulb Glory of the Snow flower Chionodoxa

What was one is now many

Chionodoxa Glory of the Snow flower


As blue as the sky yet hugging the earth

Chionodoxa Glory of the Snow flowers

Glory of the Snow is indeed glorious!

First Flowers – Winter Aconite (Eranthis)

For those of you fortunate enough to live in latitudes void of snow and ice it may be hard to imagine how others count the days and minutes until GAIA opens her vault and the colors of life spring forth.

Winter Aconite Flower

In every corner on every slope we seek out earth’s treasures -  reveling in the return of spring

Close-up Winter Aconite flower



Skunk Cabbage An Odiferous Spring Delight

The cycle of life continues

Skunk Cabbage


From under a winter blanket of white and soil frozen as hard as the rock beneath its roots

Skunk Cabbage


It emerges at stream’s edge and vernal pools

Sknk Cabbage

Twisted – Contorted in Burgundy and Chartreuse

Skunk Cabbage

A welcomed site of spring

To see skunk cabbage from seasons post click here and here

Flower of the Skunk Cabbage

Calling Friends, Artists and All Onlookers – Check It Out Again!!

It is an honor to share another interpretation of the natural world at Valley View.   Johanne L. shared she spent part of this last cold, long winter season creating this amazing oil painting.  The photo on the right was taken at the gardens in May of 2012. To visit Johanne’s blog please click on the link:

French Garden Dishes   Thank you Johanne!

Iris close-up                                                                                                                    Johanne's oil painting

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