The Sculpture Garden

The lower gardens include a myriad of sculptures all tied to this place, all tied to the earth. They honor what once was, the dreams of what may come and the life connection of all that is.  Even under a blanket of snow their beauty and mystique radiate through.

Discarded slate tiles from the Pennsylvania German Bank barn.

Twisted rebar from the replaced one-lane bridge down the lane.

Slate lifted from the earth.

The Dreamer surrounded by the snow covered circuits of the labyrinth.

The energy of the pyramid pulsates through the snow.

The vines entwine calling to us to walk further down the path.

Accentuating the Garden

Lower garden
A collection of Hosta, Christmas and Painted ferns and heirloom Cowslips


              As if a myriad of greens and profusion of color are not enough

Vinca and Purple Wave petunia
Purple Wave petunia and Vinca planted at the base of a Golden Thread leaf Cypress













Gardeners add yet another level of interest to their gardens.


Bowling ball sphere and begonia flowers
Bowling ball sphere found curbside on junking day (free) and wax begonia flowers

Perusing roadsides on junking day, (trash day in America), local thrift stores or antique shops, equips the gardener with a Pandora’s box of innovative objects and ideas.

Brass birds on front garden
Brass birds purchased at a local thrift shop for only 2 dollars adorn the gardens at the front of the home

One is never enough

Lower garden additions
The bowling ball pyramid is now balanced by the former top of a fountain purchased at a local garden faire for only 25 dollars

An otherwise ordinary corner of the garden becomes an inviting destination.

Newest addition to the gardens
Cement cherub purchased at a local antique shop for 50 dollars

Climate Change and the Garden

As I was scrolling down my Facebook page a post caught my attention 

These Maps Show How Many Brutally Hot Days You Will Suffer When You’re Old

So I clicked on it and began reading.  The last series of maps in the article took my breath away.  IF we do not change our current path our grandchildren will see economic collapse and their grandchildren who live in the eastern part of the United States will not be able to live outside for over a third of the year.  In less than 200 years we will have created a future that science fiction writers have envisioned.

Another compelling chart from the report is the one below, which shows the number of days per year when the heat and humidity are too high for humans to be safely outside.

From Mother Jones, article by Tim McDonnell


So what does this have to do with gardening?

Clematis flower

I am a future thinker, the N in the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.  I may exist in the present but all my efforts are created for the future. Present time thinkers or the S,  find it difficult to wrap their minds around the sadness I feel when I walk through the gardens.  I know nothing is permanent.  Perhaps this is why I have a strong desire to share the beauty and serenity that is the garden. We protect what we know and love Let us encourage everyone we know to go out and create their own connection to their Mother Earth.

Bowling Ball pyramid with hostas