Beauty in the Details

Look closely and see what is often overlooked…

Three simple eyes that guide a bee to its nest

Five eyes of a  Carpenter bee
Five eyes of a Carpenter bee

Feet with suction cups that allow security when holding tightly to a leaf

Caterillar on goldenrod leaf
Caterpillar on goldenrod leaf

A discarded skin that nourishes the body

Black swallowtail caterpillar
Black swallowtail caterpillar eating its shed skin

A covering that allows flight

Feathers of a Mourning dove
Feathers of a Mourning dove

Hundreds of individual petals that make up a whole

Colorful mums

Sweeping vistas may be astounding but let us never ignore the beauty in the often overlooked 



Butterflies Bees and Toads

A two-day heat wave with temperatures above 90 degrees gave way to a balmy weekend with cooler nights and 80 degree days.

Creatures who had taken a mid-day siesta were now out  and about enjoying the afternoon.

Some were sunning

Some were eating

and some appeared to be lost in thought.

Even after dusk sun-baked bricks kept night feeding creatures warm as they hunted their prey.