Holiday Update

As Santas’ are wrapped and placed into their bins and Christmas garland is hung in the storage closet,  colors of white and red, hearts and love begin to adorn doors and mantels. Valentine’s Day may be a month away but it’s never too early to celebrate!

Valentine's decorations 2020
Valentine mantel decorations
Valentine's Day decorations 2020
Entry door Valentine decorations
Valentine's Day 2020
Valentine wreath
Valentine Day 2020
Valentine shutter

When we moved into our home in 2004 the former owners left a treasure trove of shutters! The green shutters on the fireplace mantel were already painted green!

Valentine Day 2020
Potting Shed door

All I need to do is to walk into the woods behind our home to cut down grapevines and create wreaths, hearts and garlands.

As always, thank you for stopping by!



A Peek into Rural Eastern PA

Our world is an amazingly beautiful place

Mountains cloaked in clouds, blue-green waters kissing white sand.

I see beauty in everything outside my backdoor, I wonder if you see it too …

Tiger swallowtail
Tiger swallowtail butterfly on Autumn sunflower


Pennsylvania farm
Pennsylvania farm


Field corn
Field corn


Abandoned milk silo
Abandoned silo


Wild concord grapes
Wild grapes


Chicory growing at the edrge of a soybean field
Chicory growing at the edge of a soybean field


Bluebird on sumac
Bluebird on sumac


Liza in fields of soy
Liza in fields of soy





A Walk Beyond the Garden

The garden has become familiar.

I know it’s rock walls, the plants who have made it their home.

I’ve shared it’s life, death and rebirth cycles.

Today I walked beyond it’s boundaries and this is what I saw…

A local CSA, Terra Fauna, had planted a plot of Indian corn. Neighbors respect one another and the corn is waiting to be harvested.

Further down the road is the sheep farm. Lambs born this past February and March reach out for freshly cut hay.

Across the street, next to the homestead,

a cow rests in the barn.

Scattered around the property are remnants of farm implements.

Continuing on I pass the silos of a dairy farm. They and the milk tank are all that remain of a once vibrant local industry.

As I make the turn onto Hillside I look back upon  the dairy  farm

and pass homes decorated for Halloween.

My last turn onto Valley View brings my home into view. Once again I will work in the gardens and continue to co-create with Gaia.