Flowers of the Gardens

What is a garden?  The free dictionary defines it as:

1. A plot of land used for the cultivation of flowers, vegetables, herbs, or fruit
To a gardener it is much more.  It is a his/herstory of one’s life.  Flowers and trees added to canvas.
Others moved and replanted in new portraits.
Memories salvaged from farmsteads, cemeteries and family homes.
Within the layers of petals and leaves are ghosts of those who have passed and dreams of those to come . . .

10 thoughts on “Flowers of the Gardens

  1. The pictures are lovely. And it’s so true a garden is more than a plot of land. I once heard it described as ‘an attempt to create heaven that almost succeeds.’ I can’t remember who said that.

  2. Your flowers seem so alive in your photos! Lovely angles and aspects… Maybe this sounds odd, but in these pictures there appears to be a relationship between your camera and the plants, as if they are opening their souls to you. Lovely Bonnie! Really beautiful!

  3. Love the azaleas and ajuga. Nice to meet another PA gardeb blogger! I live in the west side of the state and post weekly on what is growing at my house. ~Julie

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