Long Time Gone

The last time I shared the life of the gardens nighttime temperatures were below freezing and there was snow on the ground.

Now windows are opened both day and night while the cacophony of bird songs overwhelm one’s sense of hearing.

Babies are born, flowers grow and vegetables harvested.

The gardens are another year older as are its inhabitants …

Parrot Tulip 2017
Parrot Tulip
Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris
Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove
Robin family
Robin family
Baltimore butterfly
Baltimore butterfly
Juvenile Grey Squirrel
Juvenile Grey Squirrel
Eastern Cottontail rasbbit
Eastern Cottontail rabbit



Last Night


Oriental lily

Aromatic scents fill the air

Perennial flower border

The earth’s perfume – sweet, earthy, musk and floral notes tease our sense of smell

Sunflower at twilight

 A walk through a garden is experiential

Oriental lilly and Drumstick allium

The Sunflower and the Bee

Sunflower close-uo

Sunflower and the bee

Morning sun, Gaia awakes and her children stand – stretch – shake in an effort to remove night dew from their eyes

Now is the time to search for food

Stand still and you will feel a vibration – hear a humming

Look skyward and see them

Strengthening their relationship A symbiotic dance

Without the bees there would be no seeds for birds to eat or plants to proliferate in next year’s gardens


Sunflower and beesSunflower reaching toward the sky

 Sunflower and bees 2

Flowers – A Different Perspective

While walking gardens paths

One by one

Drumstick Allium and Oriental Lily Bud
Drumstick Allium and Oriental Lily Bud

They come into view

Lavender, New Guinea Impatiens and Lobelia
Lavender, New Guinea Impatiens and Lobelia

Tall and stately

Mullein Flowers Verbascum thapsus
Mullein Flowers
Verbascum thapsus

Hidden under leaves

Cucumber Blossoms
Cucumber Blossoms

Mandala from beneath

Cone Flower - Echinacea
Cone Flower blossom

Or feeding venues from above

Cone Flower - Echinacea and the Great Spangled Fritillary
Echinacea and the Great Spangled Fritillary


Friday March 13th, And So It Begins

And so it begins not with a bang but with whispers

Close-up Witch hazel blossom flower

Small increments – not overwhelming – subtle

Witch Hazel shrub

No longer are echoes of memories all I have


The earth and sun’s dance has once again brought them full circle

Witch Hazel blossoms

Gaia awakens her children

Hen and Chicks

We are reunited with those we have missed for so long

Snowdrops under thriftstore sculpture


 Hen and Chicks flowers

The 186 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show 2nd Installment


As many of you know my last post was dedicated to the Philadelphia Flower Show. I promised myself I would leave with a plethora of photos and I did.  Today is the second installment of those photos.

Another upward look flowers at the show

I was fortunate to have my first peek of the show through the lens of a fellow blogger.  I’ve included the link to her post,

Dreaming of Spring

Additional photos were also featured on

Monday’s Fine Gardening Photo of the Day

A tropical oasis Prince of Persia exhibit

Enjoy your second installment  –  Enjoy a step into spring!

Ceramic fish could be purchased at the vendor

Floral Design

A tribute to Mulan

Floral Design - Interpretation of the movie Thor

Tribute to Disney Princesses, The Little Mermaid

Hidden patio