Third Time’s a Charm

It started with the desire to win a gardening book.  Michelle Gervais of Fine Gardening’s photo of the day blog had a stack of books to give away.  All she requested to be in the drawing were submissions of recent garden photos.  I hadn’t submitted a photo since February, and I must state – with no luck, so I thought I’d try again.

Thank you Michelle!

June 8th, my garden was again featured on the Fine Gardening Photo of the Day. Please take a moment to stop by, check out the photos, and once again, if you are so inclined, give me a “thumbs Up” and a Facebook like!

READER PHOTOS! Bonnie’s garden in Pennsylvania, revisited

Cowslips and Helleborus in the lower garden

Being a border line agoraphobic (work and home seem to be the only places I frequent!) the internet has become my venue to share the gardens! Thank you all for coming and stopping by!


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