The Last of the Winter’s Snow

It began as dusk descended, as fine as the sand on a crescent beach

The light from passing cars reflected their crystalline structure

These wind-blown diamonds struck my cheeks It felt as though a thousand pins had assaulted me

Soon the wind died and the snow crystals  were attracted to one another as the north and south poles of a magnet

They cascaded  bumping into one another combining to create snowflakes 

The night was no longer dark – White enveloped the landscape

I awoke to a quiet stillness

snow February 18, 2018

Snow 2 February 18, 2018

Snow 3 February 18, 2018 wind sculpture

Snow 5 February 18, 2018

Snow 4 February 18, 2018

Snow 6 February 18, 2018


sunrise snow February 18, 2018


Under a New Fallen Snow

There is a peace that permeates one’s being while walking through a garden after a new fallen snow.


But along  with that peace comes a feeling of sadness as the realization of knowing another season comes to an end.

Blood Red Maple leaf on Praying Hands hosta

Endings may be not be what they appear

Purple Alyssum

Look into hidden corners of the garden and see what emerges from the snow cover ground


Allow your eyes to be drawn to vibrant colors in an otherwise neutral landscape


Rejoice in knowing this is not an end, only life passing through celestial cycles







Waking to a Winter’s Snow

Perceptions –  formulated by what we see, feel, hear, smell or taste

The Dreamer ai the center of the labyrinth covered with snow

The absence of  sound, the feeling of stillness

After ithe fall snow

A world of grey and white punctuated by color seen on a summer’s day

Barn on Meadow Drive East Alen Township Northampton County PA

A night-time snowfall the earth covered in a mantle of white

Cattails in the snow

A blanket of security

Snyder's Church Northampton County PA


The potting shed under a blanket of snow

After the Blizzard – A Different Perspective

The snow had stopped and darkness ascended

Looking down toward the house

Venturing out the stillness was devoid of sound

Looking up toward the bank barn

The following day the sun shone through ice hanging from the rafters

Icicles and sunshine



And illuminated ever-changing snowscapes

Potting shed blizzard 2016

Potting shed 2 blizzard 2016

As the sun set on the first day colors exploded in the sky

Setting sun 1

Setting sun 2

And when the sun rose on the second day

Sunrise January 2016

Gaia had turned over and gone to sleep

Shyder's Church cemetery in the snow

Fast Forward

What lingers is the internal memory of the cold

I felt as though I could never get warm and wondered if I would ever feel the warmth of the sun on my body

Now I cherish the sunshine as does Mother Earth

The vegetable garden in winter, early March 2015
The vegetable garden in winter, early March 2015


The vegetable garden in summer, 2015
The vegetable garden in summer, 2015

Winter in the Gardens

For those who have never walked a garden during a snowfall it is difficult to perceive the quiet beauty that is the winter garden

Bank barn

In hidden spaces remnants of flowers are found frozen to the ground

Self-seeded pansy growing under the deck

Snow adds new dimensions to garden sculptures 

Primative wooden snowman buried in the snow

Paths are hidden save for those that are outlined by their protruding borders

The Dreamer in the labyrinth

Melting snow creates droplets of ice which reflect next year’s new growth

Ice droplet on Cryptomeria japonica

Evergreens brighten otherwise neutral areas of the gardens 

Holly cultivar

Twilight only adds to the ambient atmosphere

January sunset

Pennsylvania Sunset Valley View Road East Allen Township  2015

Balance is achieved

Eastern American Grey Squirrel