One Winter’s Day

I stood alone amongst swaying trees

Reminents of Bamboo grass in the winter garden

Groaning,  creaking bark rubbing against bark, branches entwined cracking

Winter tress in the lower gardens

A cold, damp wind permeated my soul

Aging Bowling ball pyramid in the lower gardens

I sought refuge with the Dreamer…

The Dreamer in the labyrinth

and realized I had not been the only one

Deer track in the snow lower gardens

I pulled my scarf tighter around my neck and clutched my coat hoping to keep the cold at bay

The labyrinth under ice and snow

Even on frozen days the garden’s beauty shines through

Bronze sculpture sitting in the snow

The garden is a refuge,  not only for me but also for those who prowl its paths after dark

Cat print in the ice

Come Back, Back to the Gardens

I’ve often said life gets in the way of living or perhaps its the other way around. However one chooses to interpret the statement, these past months life has indeed put obstacles in the way of living.  Even though the winter in Eastern Pennsylvania was not harsh to the outer world, it was harsh internally.

The labyrinth in spring
The labyrinth in spring

Early blooming daffodils

As days grew longer and the earth moved into another spring season I moved back into the gardens and pictures were taken and stored.

Lilac blossom
Lilac blossom

Daffodils near stream

Single Daffodil

Life continued to swirl around me.  Many changes occurred including retiring from an 18 year vocation. New paths are being created in the gardens and new paths are opening before me.

Pathway to the barn

Come back to the gardens and enjoy their ever-changing vistas.

Newest garden Ragwort and Ajuga

Reseeded hellebore

Waking to a Winter’s Snow

Perceptions –  formulated by what we see, feel, hear, smell or taste

The Dreamer ai the center of the labyrinth covered with snow

The absence of  sound, the feeling of stillness

After ithe fall snow

A world of grey and white punctuated by color seen on a summer’s day

Barn on Meadow Drive East Alen Township Northampton County PA

A night-time snowfall the earth covered in a mantle of white

Cattails in the snow

A blanket of security

Snyder's Church Northampton County PA


The potting shed under a blanket of snow

Who Watches the Garden Grow?

Twelve winter seasons at this place we call home

The labyrinth January 1st, 2016

Twelve years of growth, of knowledge, of mistakes

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine 2
Invasive orchid

Alyssum and violas have braved freezing nights




But never have Helleborus rose so confidently above a barren ground



Projects begun and completed

A waiting game - bowling ball pyramid


Dreams of those yet to come


Join with us who watch the garden grow in anticipation of what Gaia has planned for us.


All images of flowers taken January 1st, 2016 excluding the invasive orchid

Sumac berries
Sumac berries

Autumn Falling

Autumn overwhelms our senses

Sunrise over our neighbor's home morning has indeed broken

Sienna – Maize – Umber

Oak and Maple trees behing our home

Terra Cotta – Walnut – Scarlet

The labyrinth with Native Red maple

The wind dancing through the leaves and the hairs on our skin

Turning its dance into a frontal assault as it roars through trees ripping the last of the leaves from their branches leaving behind skeletal remains

Leafless trees behind home

We witness the reaping of Gaia’s sustenance as combines roll over fields of soy and corn

Firlds of soybean and corn Eastern Pennsylvania

Leaving her creatures to glean what humans leave behind

Canada geese feeding on corn kernnels

Night falls earlier homes become our refuge
Pennsylvania homestead
As others choose to leave

Canada Geese


Just Another Beautiful Day

As I walk through the gardens in the morning I wonder how to best share its transformation.

Road-side flower bed
Road-side flower bed, Golden Spirea, Catmint and Lamium, (Spotted Dead Nettle)

Just a few months ago the Dreamer was blanketed by snow and paths were non-existent. 

Stream-side path by the Labyrinth
Stream-side path by the Labyrinth Hostas, Hellebores and Weigela compliment a River Birch

Color now abounds,

Snap Dragon flowers covered with dew drops
Snap Dragon flowers covered with dew drops

birds sing and “creatures great and small” share this sacred space.

New-born American Robin s in the cryptomeria japonica
New-born American Robin s in the cryptomeria japonica