The Garden by the Woods

There are no fences

Life is not contained and moves freely from wood to garden and back again

Seed pods explode – plants propagate

A welcoming place, a happy space


female bullfrog

Eastern Garter snake


female bullfrog

Eastern Garter snake

female bullfrog



The Late Winter Garden

Diminutive in stature

Hidden beneath leaves and snow

Breaking free from Gaia’s icy grip hoping to bask in sol’s warming rays

Sun and color collide

Single snowdrop in snow

Snowdrops in snow

Winter Aconites


Self-seeded hellebore

Snowdrops at the base of the tree

Bowling ball and Winter aconites


Mid-April – Garden Walk

Hyacinth flower

I often forget that without winters there would be no spring

Glory of the Snow flowers

In environments adapted to the seasonal clock

The vegetable garden ready for plantimg

Flora and fauna need time to rest, to rejuvenate

Laceleaf maple in front of home

The earth needs her sleep in order to be revitalized

Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica striped squill flower

But when she wakes

Iris flower

The gifts she gives to us for enduring an endless white landscape are beyond compare

Trumpet daffodil flower

Enjoy the gardens – Thank you for taking a moment of your time to

“walk the gardens with me”

Iris flower

Welcoming Spring at Valley View

Opening the barn doors to allow the breeze to flow through beckons all to come in, sit down and share in good food and wine.

Dinner in the barn

After dinner an invitation to walk through the gardens brings peace to all who venture in.

Roadside flower garden

  The common and unique intertwine to create a canvas worthy to paint.

Fritillaria flower

Hellebore flower

Sharing this space brightens my heart!

Hellelbore flowers


A Tank Top Sort of Day

A prelude of days to come,

Winter Aconite Flower

A weekend of sunshine and a day for sun-kissed skin

Winter Aconite Flowers

As a blanket of leaves is tossed off of flowerbeds

The Lower Garden

Tightly closed buds of Helleborus began to stretch towards the sun

Hellerborus flower bud

Helleborus Flower Bud 2

and drifts of snowdrops open revealing their cups of green

Drift of Snowdrops under River Birch

Snowdrop Flower

Here I GO Again

As one season ends and another begins the rhythmic cycle of life continues.

Plants once again push through the soil beginning their journey from flower to seed.

Where a single blossom emerged last year many arise this year.

For this gardener joy abounds in the simplest of pleasures – the beauty of a flower!