Musings on a Daffodil

When living in a northern latitude country the anticipation of the coming spring can be overwhelming.  Waiting for ephemerals to break through once frozen soil can hardly be contained. When I moved here there were no gardens adjacent to the hardwood forest. I would look out the windows and see only shades of brown. Slowly green growth would emerge from honeysuckle and spicebushes.  I knew I needed more.  Daffodils had been planted the front garden by the former owners.  I decided to dig them out, separate the bulbs and move them to various places throughout the property.  As gardens grew and daffodil clumps doubled in size, each subsequent season the clumps were dug up, bulbs separated and transplanted into gardens adjacent to the hardwood forest.  I was also given  a clump of daffodils from neighbor who had removed them from her parents grave site.  Another clump came from a friend who rented a property where daffodils were growing in the nearby woods. I share this because all the daffodils you see in the photos are the “children” of all who grew here or were given to me.  None were bought.  They were all planted with love and tended to with gentleness and gratitude for what they give back to me each spring. 

Daffodils in lower gardens
Daffodils in lower gardens


Daffodils by the stream

Bombus and the daffodil
Bombus and the daffodil

Daffodils 2019

500, Thank You – Whose Behind the Curtain 

It’s been over 5 years since I published my first post on WordPress. It has never gone viral, it remains a little blog sharing insights into the beauty of the natural world with a few diversions.

Butterflies at Pedernalas State Park Texas

Thank you to all who have stopped by over the years. I’ve enjoy meeting all of you and thank you for allowing me to peek into your worlds.

For those who have stopped by, you know only my avatar has given you a glimpse into who I am. Today this post looks behind the curtain. Why, I am not sure, other than it’s time to share a bit more! Thank you again,

Bonnie michelle at Pedernalas Falls State Park Texas

Bonnie Michelle

Come Back, Back to the Gardens

I’ve often said life gets in the way of living or perhaps its the other way around. However one chooses to interpret the statement, these past months life has indeed put obstacles in the way of living.  Even though the winter in Eastern Pennsylvania was not harsh to the outer world, it was harsh internally.

The labyrinth in spring
The labyrinth in spring

Early blooming daffodils

As days grew longer and the earth moved into another spring season I moved back into the gardens and pictures were taken and stored.

Lilac blossom
Lilac blossom

Daffodils near stream

Single Daffodil

Life continued to swirl around me.  Many changes occurred including retiring from an 18 year vocation. New paths are being created in the gardens and new paths are opening before me.

Pathway to the barn

Come back to the gardens and enjoy their ever-changing vistas.

Newest garden Ragwort and Ajuga

Reseeded hellebore

Who Watches the Garden Grow?

Twelve winter seasons at this place we call home

The labyrinth January 1st, 2016

Twelve years of growth, of knowledge, of mistakes

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine 2
Invasive orchid

Alyssum and violas have braved freezing nights




But never have Helleborus rose so confidently above a barren ground



Projects begun and completed

A waiting game - bowling ball pyramid


Dreams of those yet to come


Join with us who watch the garden grow in anticipation of what Gaia has planned for us.


All images of flowers taken January 1st, 2016 excluding the invasive orchid

Sumac berries
Sumac berries