Beauty in the Details

Look closely and see what is often overlooked…

Three simple eyes that guide a bee to its nest

Five eyes of a  Carpenter bee
Five eyes of a Carpenter bee

Feet with suction cups that allow security when holding tightly to a leaf

Caterillar on goldenrod leaf
Caterpillar on goldenrod leaf

A discarded skin that nourishes the body

Black swallowtail caterpillar
Black swallowtail caterpillar eating its shed skin

A covering that allows flight

Feathers of a Mourning dove
Feathers of a Mourning dove

Hundreds of individual petals that make up a whole

Colorful mums

Sweeping vistas may be astounding but let us never ignore the beauty in the often overlooked 



The Eyes are the Window to the Soul

When William Shakespeare saidThe Eyes are the window to your soul, he was no doubt talking about the human soul. To equate a soul to an animal can become quite a contentious debate. Having spent my adult life in stewardship to our Mother Earth I absolutely believe all her children have souls. When I look into their eyes I see their connection to the earth, an understanding of this place they call home. Their connection is often deeper than ours. They are part of a web many of us have turned away from. Take a moment and try to connect as they do.


Maddie and her pumpkin


Eastern  Garter Snake
Common Garter Snake
American Toad
Nursery Web Spider carrying her egg case
Red Tail Hawk