the process of coming into being

of becoming important


Each spring layers disappear and what lies beneath waiting

Emerges into the light of a new season

Scilla emerging from the snow

Iris emerging from the snowSweet violets amongst the rocks

Self-seeded helleborus




What was once a liquid is now a solid

Ice on evergreen

It wraps itself around all it touches

Ine encrusted honeysuckle berries

Ine encrusted honeysuckle bushes

Freezing as it follows paths dictated by gravity

Ice encrusted apple leaves

Ice encrusted apple leafAlmost invisible to human sight small imperfections glisten like encrusted crystals

Ine encrusted pear bud

As warmth creeps back into the valleys what is first an almost imperceptible sound becomes louder as the melting ice releases itself from branches and berries and crashes to the forest floor

Ice on forest trees

Ice on berries


Wedding Day – A Rustic Barn Wedding

The date was October 1st. We woke to a misty morning but all moisture receded until the evening.  I did not venture to the lower gardens where the ceremony took place as I had to remain in  the home to quiet a barking dog.. The following is a series of photographs from the wedding day.

The barn is ready...
The barn is ready…
The wine station is set
The wine station is set
The cake table is ready
The cake table is ready
The cake
The cake
Walking to the lower gardens
Walking to the lower gardens
The happy brides
The happy brides
Joy! Looking down at the labyrinth from the deck of the home
Joy! Looking down at the labyrinth from the deck of the home
Random photo of the band
Random photo of the band


The last dance
The last dance

Three Days and Counting – A Rustic Barn Wedding

Yes it is Monday, and yes the wedding is over. Because daily activities filled most moments and any free time was saturated with emotions  sitting in a quiet place trying to reflect was quite Impossible for me. The count-down will continue so I hope you stop by to see the progress.


Let the decorating begin!
Let the decorating begin!

Lights strung

Lights stung Rustic barn wedding

Lights strung Rustic barn wedding

Lanterns hung

Lanterns Rustic Barn Wedding

Lanterns hung Rustic barn wedding

Lanterns hung Rustic barn wedding

Ribbons Adorn the wall

Hanging ribbons Rustic Barn wedding


Waiting on flowers Rustic barn wedding


5 Days and Counting – A Rustic Barn Wedding

New lights have been added

Barn repurposing ligjhts

barn repurposing lights and more lights

Chairs and tables are being delivered

Barn repurposing chairs and tables

Outdoor vignettes are popping up


Fall decorations

Benches repaired

The labyrinth in September 2016

And bridal colors begin to show

Barn wedding decorations


Transformative Qualities

And so it begins

A miniscule sphere harboring new life


Emerging as  a creature from a nightmare

Juvenile Black Swallowtail Caterpillar



Growing into a character in a children’s dream


Black swallowtail caterpillar on dill

Ever so slowly shedding greens and yellows encasing its soft body in an armor of crusty brown


To one day emerge into a creature which we embrace as a symbol of what we can attain


It does not happen in a blink of an eye, it does not happen over night

Days, weeks months in a life that exists for but a short period of time

Once its insatiable appetite for parsley, dill or carrot greens  has been quelled it will travel  long distances to find a place to rest as it transforms into a creature no longer shackled to the earth

We too have the capacity to transform but only after many years of feeding our own voracious appetite for that which we are drawn to

Look to the sky to see them glide on an invisible current and know we too can unshackle ourselves from that which keeps us from soaring ever higher