Garden Share – October in the gardens

I am told by Weather  Channel personnel that this Sunday will mark the end of this year’s growing season in Eastern Pennsylvania.  The temperature is predicted to drop below 32 degrees and tender crops and flowers will return to the soil from which they sprang.  Another season ends, a new one begins.

Stripped cucumber beetle on rays of red Daisy mum

Spottted cucumber beetle on underside of Daisy mum

I have Friday plans to remove all Vinca, Impatiens, marigolds, tomatoes and peppers. I hope the broccoli, kale and chrysanthemums will weather a few frosty nights.

Close-up of broccoli buds

I’m not ready to let go. This series of photographs will help me through the long, cold winter days I know – are coming.

Red Daisy mum flower

Daisy mum flower pimk

Daisy mum flower close-up

End of the Rainbow

The garden is finally at rest.

Perennials have returned to the earth, the rainbow of color that was once the garden is no longer prominent.

Neutral shades are here for another season.

Beauty morphed.


All photos were taken October 27, 2012.
Thank you for allowing me to share the garden on this brisk Monday morning!

Autumn’s Garden

Last week’s killing frost brought an end to the growing season in Eastern Pennsylvania

But gardens, like children,  refuse to go to sleep quietly

The warming sunshine of October once again found pollinators clinging to pastel disks

And frosty nights brought forth previously hidden colors

Tulip Poplar and Red Maple leaves
Red Maple leaf on a Christmas Fern