The Dilemma Of a Wildlife Photographer

Garter snake and American toad

In this heaven on earth, earth is the focus today. We are not corporeal creatures floating peacefully in some nether region. We are tied to this world into which we were born. We need sustenance to live and grow. To interrupt the cycle of life is to play God.

The beauty  of creation was the focus of my last post.  Today we see the reality of sustaining life.  We do not eat most of our food alive.  It is killed, cleaned and packed. Other creatures do not have this luxury.  This chance encounter has put into perspective the reality of the cycle of life for me.

Eastern Garter snake American toad

Look Up Look Down

Companions come in all shapes and sizes

Grasshopper on garden sculpture

Looking up I watch babies fledge

American Robin
American Robin

Looking down I watch each step I take being careful not to tread on creatures of the night

American Toad
American Toad

Hidden in plain sight others cool in pools of caught water

Green Frog
Green Frog in down spout pond

Or perch upon flower petals readying themselves for what lies ahead

Juvenile Praying Mantis
Juvenile Praying Mantis