Skunk Cabbage – the plant world’s modernism

Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus

Symplocarpus foetidus one of the first flowers of spring in eastern North America.

Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus

Every spring since I began photographing wildflowers I seek out the erotic skunk cabbage in the spring seep behind my home.

Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus

The shapes and colors are mesmerizing, reminding me of modernism art. 

Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus

Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus

Skunk cabbage Symplocarpus foetidus


The Late Winter Garden

Diminutive in stature

Hidden beneath leaves and snow

Breaking free from Gaia’s icy grip hoping to bask in sol’s warming rays

Sun and color collide

Single snowdrop in snow

Snowdrops in snow

Winter Aconites


Self-seeded hellebore

Snowdrops at the base of the tree

Bowling ball and Winter aconites


The Last of the Winter’s Snow

It began as dusk descended, as fine as the sand on a crescent beach

The light from passing cars reflected their crystalline structure

These wind-blown diamonds struck my cheeks It felt as though a thousand pins had assaulted me

Soon the wind died and the snow crystals  were attracted to one another as the north and south poles of a magnet

They cascaded  bumping into one another combining to create snowflakes 

The night was no longer dark – White enveloped the landscape

I awoke to a quiet stillness

snow February 18, 2018

Snow 2 February 18, 2018

Snow 3 February 18, 2018 wind sculpture

Snow 5 February 18, 2018

Snow 4 February 18, 2018

Snow 6 February 18, 2018


sunrise snow February 18, 2018

Spectacular Spiders

A Halloween harbinger 

Spinning a web in darkness

Silken strands 

Caught in my hair

orb spider web

Orb spider

Orb spider in black and white

Spider in barn


Spider web with dew

Spiders in a garage Austin Texas

___Happy Halloween     Happy Halloween       Happy Halloween       Happy Halloween ___ 


I’ve walked past this farm more than a hundred times…

abandoned barn

Corner stones of the barnDuring those early walks when I  looked inside the abandoned barn I could clearly see chairs and broken piping

Barn on Meadow Road

Abandoned barn







Now all I see is the Earth taking back what was once hers.

Poiaon ive and grape vines overtake the wooden barn















I watch as the barn is slowly being consumed by vines of grape and poison ivy

Barn wall

and wonder how long it will be until this place is no longer exists even in memories…

Abandoned barn on Meadow


Upper window of the barn


A Walk Beyond the Garden

The garden has become familiar.

I know it’s rock walls, the plants who have made it their home.

I’ve shared it’s life, death and rebirth cycles.

Today I walked beyond it’s boundaries and this is what I saw…

A local CSA, Terra Fauna, had planted a plot of Indian corn. Neighbors respect one another and the corn is waiting to be harvested.

Further down the road is the sheep farm. Lambs born this past February and March reach out for freshly cut hay.

Across the street, next to the homestead,

a cow rests in the barn.

Scattered around the property are remnants of farm implements.

Continuing on I pass the silos of a dairy farm. They and the milk tank are all that remain of a once vibrant local industry.

As I make the turn onto Hillside I look back upon  the dairy  farm

and pass homes decorated for Halloween.

My last turn onto Valley View brings my home into view. Once again I will work in the gardens and continue to co-create with Gaia. 


Beauty in the Details

Look closely and see what is often overlooked…

Three simple eyes that guide a bee to its nest

Five eyes of a  Carpenter bee
Five eyes of a Carpenter bee

Feet with suction cups that allow security when holding tightly to a leaf

Caterillar on goldenrod leaf
Caterpillar on goldenrod leaf

A discarded skin that nourishes the body

Black swallowtail caterpillar
Black swallowtail caterpillar eating its shed skin

A covering that allows flight

Feathers of a Mourning dove
Feathers of a Mourning dove

Hundreds of individual petals that make up a whole

Colorful mums

Sweeping vistas may be astounding but let us never ignore the beauty in the often overlooked