Long Time Gone

The last time I shared the life of the gardens nighttime temperatures were below freezing and there was snow on the ground.

Now windows are opened both day and night while the cacophony of bird songs overwhelm one’s sense of hearing.

Babies are born, flowers grow and vegetables harvested.

The gardens are another year older as are its inhabitants …

Parrot Tulip 2017
Parrot Tulip
Bearded Iris
Bearded Iris
Mourning Dove
Mourning Dove
Robin family
Robin family
Baltimore butterfly
Baltimore butterfly
Juvenile Grey Squirrel
Juvenile Grey Squirrel
Eastern Cottontail rasbbit
Eastern Cottontail rabbit



Splashes of Color in an Otherwise Neutral Landscape

Winter –

img_1679If there is snow we see a season of white

Otherwise we see shades of brown and gray

But walk slowly and look closely

and you will see colors of spring and summer




Two Days and Counting – A rustic Barn Wedding

Barn Drtaperies Rustic barn wedding
And yes, I made the drapes!

Today is the day for the finishing touches

Interior of barn

Flowers added to the wall of ribbon

Flowers added to vases
Flowers added to vases

Tents arrive as do additional tables and chairs

Tent at front of barn

Tent behind the barn

Picture frames adorn open spaces

Picture frames adorn open spaces

A fun rack of dress-up clothes for those in a party mood

Dress-up rack in barn
Dress-up rack in barn

Tomorrow the wedding!

Three Days and Counting – A Rustic Barn Wedding

Yes it is Monday, and yes the wedding is over. Because daily activities filled most moments and any free time was saturated with emotions  sitting in a quiet place trying to reflect was quite Impossible for me. The count-down will continue so I hope you stop by to see the progress.


Let the decorating begin!
Let the decorating begin!

Lights strung

Lights stung Rustic barn wedding

Lights strung Rustic barn wedding

Lanterns hung

Lanterns Rustic Barn Wedding

Lanterns hung Rustic barn wedding

Lanterns hung Rustic barn wedding

Ribbons Adorn the wall

Hanging ribbons Rustic Barn wedding


Waiting on flowers Rustic barn wedding


5 Days and Counting – A Rustic Barn Wedding

New lights have been added

Barn repurposing ligjhts

barn repurposing lights and more lights

Chairs and tables are being delivered

Barn repurposing chairs and tables

Outdoor vignettes are popping up


Fall decorations

Benches repaired

The labyrinth in September 2016

And bridal colors begin to show

Barn wedding decorations


Repurposing the German Bank Barn

Yesterday Michaele asked about the history of the barn. When we moved into our home in 2004 I did research at out local county seat to find out the story of the property. What I learned was the barn’s construction began in the year of  1895 by the Snyder family.  The family home was built shortly thereafter. The Bugnito family bought the property in 1920 for $2150.00. The family continued to  lived on the property until the early 1970’s. In 1974 it was bought by a young couple. They and their daughter lived here until 1996.  They utilized the barn and property. Goats and chickens roamed the property and their horse, Partly Cloudy lived in the lower stall of the barn.

Pennsylvania German Bank barn
The original sign post

Once they moved on the barn was never again utilized as anything more than a work or gathering space.  That brings us to today. My husband and I are the fifth owners of the barn and home. Occasionally we’ve held parties in the main hall of the barn. Other areas were filled with wood and home to a small colony of Brown bats The lower rooms are our work space. So when Katie and Noelle approached us in the spring to ask about using the barn for their wedding, we felt it was an opportunity to refresh the spirit of the barn. After a weekend of rewiring and cleaning a new energy is emerging.

Pennsylvania German Bank barn
When I shared with my neighbor how I believed a chandelier would add to the spirit of the barn he later came by with this in hand. It had hung above his dining room table.  He said it was no longer of use to him and would gladly give it to the barn!

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