Bits and Pieces Green fly on a Sunflower

A multitude of colors

Beauty or revulsion

Inconsistencies in preconceived messages

DSCN5231 (2)



Beyond the Veil of Darkness

No moonlight illuminated the paths this night

The blackness appeared more intense like that of rich velvet

Yet I knew something waited just beyond

Vinca bud

Their scent was heightened by the their lack of visual beauty

Oriental Lily

I knew what I would find, but I did not know just as the blackness appeared more intense this night, so to were their colors

Turk's Cap Lily

Gerber Daisy

In previous years I’ve ventured out after dark

Please take a moment to see what past forays have revealed

Impending Darkness


Just Beyond the Darkness



Every garden has corners, alcoves, hidden recesses


Vignettes only appreciated from unusual perspectives

Tulips by the potting shed

Plantings that make your heart leap

Parrot tuilps by potting shed

Flowers that are coveted

Parrot Tulip

My small planting of Parrot Tulips makes my heart leap and fills me with pride that they continue to survive

The potting shed and parrot tulips

A few years ago I created this post chronicling the history of these amazing plants don’t forget to click on the title to check it out!

Parrot Tulips – A Magnificent Mutation

Parrot Tulip 2

Daffodil Days

Immortalized in poetry

Close-up of early bloomong daffodil

Burned into memory

Daffodils on bank

Anticipation of sunshine here on earth

Daffodils rescued from a local cemetery

Only here for a fleeting moment

Close-up of daffodil cup

Returning next spring

Late blooming daffodils in lower garden

Beside the lake beneath the trees fluttering and dancing in the breeze 

from  William Wordsworth‘s  Daffodils

 Early bloomong daffodils All daffodils photographed  in this post were rescued from local homes and cemeteries

America’s Oldest Flower Show The 186 PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

This year I had the opportunity to visit the

186th PHS Philadelphia Flower Show

Click on the above link to visit the shows website

Terrestrial Orchid

My journey there was to begin on Thursday March 5th, but a late winter snow storm thwarted all my plans.

The gardens at the height of the storm
The gardens at the height of the storm

As a young child snow would not have been an obstacle as trains ran daily between the Lehigh Valley and Philadelphia.  This was not the case this year. Instead the following day my companion and I had to drive south to Doylestown and board the train at that location to travel into the city. What followed was a step into America’s oldest flower show celebrating the silver screen.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
The Nightmare Before Christmas

 With songs from favorite movies and cinematic music scores playing in the background, people moved through acres of exhibits (click on the link to learn more about the exhibitors and their themes)  and vendors.

Irish cottage garden presented by the Irish Tourism board
Irish cottage garden presented by the Irish Tourism board

I took over a hundred pictures and pared them down to 78.  Today and tomorrows posts feature some of my favorite photo memories of the flower show.

Flower arrangement

Hope you enjoy this breath of spring as much as I did.

Homage to the movie Tarzan
Homage to the movie Tarzan
Tulips in an English park - Marry Poppins
Tulips in an English park – Marry Poppins
Looking up also was amazing
Looking up also was amazing
Flowers outside the Serendipity cabin - The Parent Trap
Flowers outside the Serendipity cabin – The Parent Trap
Jasmin's flying carpet - Disney's Princesses
Jasmin’s flying carpet – Disney’s Princesses
Homage to Finding Nemo - 1
Finding Nemo
Homage to Finding Nemo - 2
Homage to Finding Nemo – 2
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