Where Flowers Bloom


Come in and walk through past posts of the garden. 

Enjoy the flowers in full bloom.  

Remember what once was and dream of what is yet to come!

Just click on a flower in the drop down menu to view past posts featuring  the plant in all its glory!

Mountain Bluet FlowerSpiderwort flowerClematis by Raymond EvisonBeefly on a Knockout RoseRed Tulip 3

sunset sunflower

Sunflower 2Daffodil notice the insect in the cupClose-up of a Double daffodil flowerOnion flower


5 thoughts on “Where Flowers Bloom

    1. Love the potting shed. with my extra materials I will get one built this comming spring.today by the news winter will be upon us Tommorrow….
      I am 69 years young and many years left I hope and pray am serious about your the labyrinth also. we have one about 12 or so milesfrom my home. Why not here.
      I raise Iris plants currently have 5to700 varities = many many plants that I sell. What a wonderful experience for myself and waiting customers to do,,Leave in peace.

      Peace be with you. mjfaust

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