I’ve walked past this farm more than a hundred times…

abandoned barn

Corner stones of the barnDuring those early walks when I  looked inside the abandoned barn I could clearly see chairs and broken piping

Barn on Meadow Road

Abandoned barn







Now all I see is the Earth taking back what was once hers.

Poiaon ive and grape vines overtake the wooden barn















I watch as the barn is slowly being consumed by vines of grape and poison ivy

Barn wall

and wonder how long it will be until this place is no longer exists even in memories…

Abandoned barn on Meadow


Upper window of the barn



8 thoughts on “Abandoned 

  1. Beautiful, yet striking familiar similarities to my memories of my youth. Altho a different place, I feel it and I know it. Comfortable, but sad that they look so forgotten. It was a different life. I love what you capture, Bonnie. You evoke so much feeling with your words and photos. As always – thank you, my friend. 🙂

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