Pennsylvania German Bank barn

Something New (Something Borrowed Something Blue) or Transforming a Pennsylvania German Bank barn into a rustic wedding venue



Last spring our daughter’s friends came to our home and asked my husband and I if we would consider allowing them to host their wedding at Valley View. After careful consideration we all agreed it would be a lovely partnership. We talked about numbers and locations on the property where the various pieces of the wedding would occur.

It was decided that the exchanging of vows would be in the lower gardens by the labyrinth and the reception would center around the barn.

The labyrinth garden

The ladies went off to plan their wedding and Daniel and I were left with the task of readying the barn and gardens for the celebration.

I had visions of flower gardens overflowing with annuals in colors of pink and orange. But alas, that was not to be. A hot dry summer took its toll on the gardens and all I could do was groom and remove dead growth.

A harsh summer thunderstorm took a major branch from the black walnut behind the labyrinth and placed it squarely in the middle of labyrinth. A bench was broken and needed to be repaired and tree limbs needed to be removed from the lower gardens.Storm damage


Storm damage

So that brings us to today, four weeks before the October 1st wedding. I thought it would be fun to share the transformation of the gardens and the  Pennsylvania German Bank barn into a magical space for two very beautiful people.

Pennsylvania German Bank barn
The great room of the barn will become a dance floor for the rustic barn wedding
Pennsylvania German Bank barn
Wiring the great room of the bank barn
Pennsylvania German Bank barn
Main hall of the Bank barn soon to be a barn wedding reception area


Pennsylvania German Bank barn
A fabric wall will separate the winter wood from the reception area for this rustic barn wedding

I hope you stop back frequently to see the progress. Outdoor vignettes will be added and in the final days decorations and tents will be going up! Let me know your thoughts and if there is anything else you’d like to see!  Bonnie Michelle


6 thoughts on “Something New (Something Borrowed Something Blue) or Transforming a Pennsylvania German Bank barn into a rustic wedding venue

  1. I’ll bet this young couple is thrilled beyond belief that you have agreed to allow your gardens and barn to be the site for their wedding. It will certainly provide a memorable backdrop. Can’t wait to see the additional pictures along the way. Please give some history on the barn. It looks beautifully constructed from the interior shots you’ve provided.

    1. The construction if the barn began in 1895. We’ve learned it was actually a precursor to a kit. and that there are a number of barns in the area just like it! We are the fourth family to be the caretakers of the barn. For 20 years it had not been used for anything other than storage or as a work space.

    1. Thank you! Our role is to provide a blank canvas. The brides have a planner working with them . they’ve talked about lighting and fabric! I can’t wait to see their vision come to fruition!

  2. I can’t wait to see the before and after pictures. If you need help please let me know, I’m good at painting, including myself. Lol

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