Beyond the Veil of Darkness

No moonlight illuminated the paths this night

The blackness appeared more intense like that of rich velvet

Yet I knew something waited just beyond

Vinca bud

Their scent was heightened by the their lack of visual beauty

Oriental Lily

I knew what I would find, but I did not know just as the blackness appeared more intense this night, so to were their colors

Turk's Cap Lily

Gerber Daisy

In previous years I’ve ventured out after dark

Please take a moment to see what past forays have revealed

Impending Darkness


Just Beyond the Darkness


2 thoughts on “Beyond the Veil of Darkness

  1. Wow!!! This is so exciting. The spots on that lily are magical. What a great idea.
    I did a post entitled ‘Night Moves’ last summer. It had slugs and giant worms in it, so nobody loved it except my biologist friends. I should have done flowers instead. This is great. Maybe I should do a post on my Fairy garden at night! Thanks.

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