Come Back, Back to the Gardens

I’ve often said life gets in the way of living or perhaps its the other way around. However one chooses to interpret the statement, these past months life has indeed put obstacles in the way of living.  Even though the winter in Eastern Pennsylvania was not harsh to the outer world, it was harsh internally.

The labyrinth in spring
The labyrinth in spring

Early blooming daffodils

As days grew longer and the earth moved into another spring season I moved back into the gardens and pictures were taken and stored.

Lilac blossom
Lilac blossom

Daffodils near stream

Single Daffodil

Life continued to swirl around me.  Many changes occurred including retiring from an 18 year vocation. New paths are being created in the gardens and new paths are opening before me.

Pathway to the barn

Come back to the gardens and enjoy their ever-changing vistas.

Newest garden Ragwort and Ajuga

Reseeded hellebore


5 thoughts on “Come Back, Back to the Gardens

  1. Hope you’re finding your way. In my experience the garden is the best place to go to do some head clearing and soul searching. Wishing you peaceful times ahead.

  2. As always, Bonnie, your photos bring me great joy! The young lilac blossom is especially captivating. I so admire your courage for bridging into a new part of life. I agree – the garden is the best place to be. 🙂 Have a beautiful day!

  3. I have always admired your work and photography as you are clearly inspirational with a strong artistic nature. The photos here are stunning and I love the lilac and hellebore, they invite us to really look.
    Your new path will be a new adventure and I wish you All Good Things on your journey.

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