After the Blizzard – A Different Perspective

The snow had stopped and darkness ascended

Looking down toward the house

Venturing out the stillness was devoid of sound

Looking up toward the bank barn

The following day the sun shone through ice hanging from the rafters

Icicles and sunshine



And illuminated ever-changing snowscapes

Potting shed blizzard 2016

Potting shed 2 blizzard 2016

As the sun set on the first day colors exploded in the sky

Setting sun 1

Setting sun 2

And when the sun rose on the second day

Sunrise January 2016

Gaia had turned over and gone to sleep

Shyder's Church cemetery in the snow


9 thoughts on “After the Blizzard – A Different Perspective

  1. Always fun to see your great photography and sensitivity to nature. Nobody quite sees your farm, however, like I do….so many memories….so glad you are enjoying the farm, nature and surroundings…I sure did.

  2. Wow I wonder who takes these photographs, they must be a professional. I love your website and I can tell you must love and enjoy what you do. Bonnie you are simply amazing.

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