Who Watches the Garden Grow?

Twelve winter seasons at this place we call home

The labyrinth January 1st, 2016

Twelve years of growth, of knowledge, of mistakes

Terrestrial orchid flower Epipactis Helleborine 2
Invasive orchid

Alyssum and violas have braved freezing nights




But never have Helleborus rose so confidently above a barren ground



Projects begun and completed

A waiting game - bowling ball pyramid


Dreams of those yet to come


Join with us who watch the garden grow in anticipation of what Gaia has planned for us.


All images of flowers taken January 1st, 2016 excluding the invasive orchid

Sumac berries
Sumac berries

14 thoughts on “Who Watches the Garden Grow?

  1. OH, to have an Orchid which proves invasive!!! ….sigh….!!!!
    I’ve been enjoying your creativity for a couple/few months, now!! Glad I found you (from GPOD) and look forward to your imaginative posts!! Thanx for sharing your views and prose!!! jesse

  2. Hi Bonnie,
    It is sooo great to watch your blog and see how you have transformed our old farm house into a wonderful work of art! We are now living in the Philly area but would love to come back sometime and see your incredible creations. Keep up your beautiful works of art!

  3. The violas didn’t surprise me so much but…alyssum? …what a treat their dainty blooms must be to see in Dec/early Jan. I wonder if I could pick your brain a little on how you handle your hellebores? Do you cut back all the foliage this time of year so that the flowers really show? or do you just cut off the discolored tattered looking leaves? I am never sure what to do.

    1. Great question usually I cut back the tattered leaves but the past few years all have been tattered leaving only the flower stalks. Because of the mild season thus far I have many healthy leaves I suspect by the end of February I will be cutting must off. I’m concerned about the stalks with buds I’ve never had them this far along this early hope they hold up during the upcoming freeze.
      So to answer your question I do like cutting the leaves back exposing the flower stalks!

      1. Thanks for sharing your approach, Bonnie. In the past, I have thought that the old leaves helped create a protection to the flower buds but I’ve been getting braver and maybe this is the year I will be extra aggressive in cutting all the current foliage back on some. I’d love it if the flowers showed up more prominently.

      2. I’ve started planting my hellebore seedlings on the slopes of the gardens. I saw this technique on a gardening show. You then look up to see the flowers, they are not hidden!

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