A Fascination With Live Shells

I watch the shells roll in the surf

Scallop with barnicales Fort Myers Beach

Broken or whole they are but a piece of the creature that once existed

Broken Florida Fighting Conch shell

When the tide is low a new world appears

Florida Fighting Conch live shell on sand flats Fort Myers Beach

Take a moment and walk the sand flats with me

Live Lettered Olive Snail Fort myers Beach

See what wonders we can see!

Banded Tulip San Carlos Pass

Florida Fighting Conch trying to turn itself over, Fort Myers Beach


Live Golden Olive Snail Fort Myers Beach

Crown Conch Fort Myers Beach


6 thoughts on “A Fascination With Live Shells

  1. I bought a plastic bag filled with shells at the local thrift store one time. Now that I read you postings, I see whoever had them before must have been a real collector as there seems to be at least one of each kind. It is nice to know some names. I keep them in two large glass containers on my mantel in the living room.

  2. I love seashell’s, I think they are fascinating !! over here they are not so big and beautiful as yours but I love them anyway and when on holiday in a foreign country I buy some or look for them at the beach, but I never take live ones home !

    1. Please remind me where “here” is. I was blessed to be able to vacation on the gulf coast of Florida, Been there numerous times over the last 40 years, the last 5 years ago. I love shelling no matter where. Where have you been?

      1. I live in Belgium, north of Europe and most of our holidays are in Europe, for the beautiful shells we have to go to the tropics, we’ve been travelling to Costa Rica, Kenya, USA (East coast)

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