What the Gulf of Mexico Nurtures

Ses star

Within her womb she carries life.

Baby Octopus

A salted, liquid environment nurtures creatures unfamiliar to terrestrial bound beings.

Purple Sea Urchin

Take a moment to walk her shore and discover those who cross her boundary.

Horseshoe Crab


These are the creatures who crawl out of her womb and allow us to glimpse other worldly life.

Banded Tulip shell

Lightening Whelk

Close-up Horseshoe Crab


9 thoughts on “What the Gulf of Mexico Nurtures

  1. Really beautiful, Bonnie. You’re words are like a melody. And your photos……purely fascinating. I love how you connect us with the world you experience. Thank you, as always.

      1. Bonnie your imagery is gorgeous. As my name means ‘laughter of the ocean’ I am particularly drawn to these images. May your time with Dan and friends be incredibly inspiring and rejuvenating! Onwards!

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