Certified Wildlife Habitat 139,583 – The Creatures Sharing This Space

Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects, arachnids and birds all live within the balance of the web of life.

Green frog

Arrow-shaped Micrathena spider

Rose-breasted Grosebeak

When human kind enters and tries to control and change their environment to suit their needs the interconnectedness of the web is destroyed. Non-native species may enter, an imbalance of natives may occur. If we focus on the interconnectedness and provide the essentials needed for those who live here, food, water, cover and places to raise young, we can restore the balance.

Fly Catcher babies in nest under the southwest deck

caterpillar perhaps a dagger moth caterpillar

Ameerican Robin fledgling in sumac

During daily excursions into the gardens I am greeted by those with whom I share this space.

Hackberry butterfly seeking salt

Guarded but not afraid, they allow me to be the caretaker for this moment in time.

Whitetail deer fawn grazing behind the barn

As my reward they tolerate a close encounter.

House Wren feeding young

Common Garter Snake

Their likeness forever captured.

Tiger Swallowtail on Echinacea

Red Admiral on white echinacea flower

The Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis) is a North American nymphalid butterfly

I encourage you to go out into your shared space and photograph the creatures you encounter!


7 thoughts on “Certified Wildlife Habitat 139,583 – The Creatures Sharing This Space

  1. Bonnie, I am mesmerized…you allow me to see with a focus and clarity that I don’t usually give to myself. Thank you.

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