Eating A Rainbow

 Having a kitchen garden had always been a dream of mine.

 The kitchen garden

 To walk outside our backdoors, to pick fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables was once the norm and for many still is.

The vegetable garden between the home and bank barn

Connected to our mother Earth, being in tune with her heartbeat provides a security not found in daily commutes and eight-plus hour work days. Beginning in May and continuing though to the first autumn frost I know I will be provided for.

Yellow wax beans

I plant seeds and she waters and fertilizes new growth. 

Heirloom Red Beet

We co-create a garden that provides not only for the human family but also for a myriad of creatures who share our space. Birds, reptiles, amphibians, insects and arachnids compete for a space to create a home or food for themselves and their young. I too compete in the reaping.

July harvest

Tomatoes, cabbages, peppers, sometimes I am not the first to harvest from the garden!

heirloom tomato


Mexicali Peppers

I do not mind sharing, they give back by strengthening the web of life through our inter-connectedness.

Monarch and the sunflower


13 thoughts on “Eating A Rainbow

  1. So beautiful. I love this post! And your sunflowers are spectacular. They look about 10 feet tall! Great job on the expansion of the kitchen garden. I especially love the wood slat walkway by the squash.

  2. Bonnie, I have to say that I think even if you photographed an old fashioned at&t phone book, you could make it look amazing. These pictures are stunning!

  3. Inter-connectedness is wonderful, however, the deer left absolutely nothing for us. They have eaten everything hostas, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and even periwinkle down to the bare earth. They decided to bed down under our dogwoods and I had to place chairs, garbage cans and lids in the way to discourage them. I have never seen a year like this one. Construction taking place in what was previously wooded areas of the neighborhood. I live in the city, not the country.

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