The Sunflower and the Bee

Sunflower close-uo

Sunflower and the bee

Morning sun, Gaia awakes and her children stand – stretch – shake in an effort to remove night dew from their eyes

Now is the time to search for food

Stand still and you will feel a vibration – hear a humming

Look skyward and see them

Strengthening their relationship A symbiotic dance

Without the bees there would be no seeds for birds to eat or plants to proliferate in next year’s gardens


Sunflower and beesSunflower reaching toward the sky

 Sunflower and bees 2


5 thoughts on “The Sunflower and the Bee

  1. Love it! You capture the essence of sunflowers and the pollinators with your beautiful words that match your awesome photography. You are amazing, Bonnie. 🙂

  2. Beautiful images. I adore sunflowers, too, and am also enchanted by the beautiful dance of the pollinating bees. And yes, without them, no food for birds (or obnoxious squirrels)! Earlier in the season this year, I was enjoying the beauty of some sunflowers like these when a wily squirrel showed up, clambered up the furry stalks and dangled upside down, plucking seeds. Eventually the entire flower-head and squirrel came tumbling down. The seed-lover did not stop there. He gathered up the entire flower-head, still packed with seeds, and attempted to haul the giant flower-head up over the fence and into a nearby tree. And, after many times, and many tumbles, the little scalawag managed it! There in the comfort of the arms of a shady live oak he contentedly munched away…I swear I could see him smiling…

    Beautiful post and images, indeed! All the best to you,

    Autumn Jade

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