The Forked or Bifid Tongue

Words have the potential to enhance the viewing experience

Words may compliment a photograph, bring a smile to your face or make you cry

But sometimes words are a distraction

I believe this is one of those times…


Common Garter Snake 1

Common Garter Snake 2

Common Garter Snake 3

Connon Gartewr Snake 5

Common Garter Snake 4

Common Garter Snake 6

Click here to learn more about a snake’s forked tongue


15 thoughts on “The Forked or Bifid Tongue

  1. I hate snakes! I know I should not and that they are all not bad. I can get close to a shark and dive in the ocean at night but snakes are a different matter. I’m actually proud of myself for looking at all your pictures. I was intrigued with the photos. Your shots are amazing. And very interesting. Never would I have ever even gave a photo of a snake a second look but that first shot upped my interest enough to look at them all. Great shots! Maybe the next time I run across one I might not be so quick to run now. Thank you!

    1. When a snake begins to move I need to be purposeful to react in a calm manor. Once composed I see how close I can get before they take on a strike pose. This one was easy to photograph. I found it early in the morning when it’s reactions were slowed by the cooler weather!

    1. What’s wonderful about these particular snakes is you can almost touch them with the lens before they try to strike or slither away!

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