Last of the Late Spring Flowers

Spring in Eastern Pennsylvania, it was fleeting perhaps lasting days

Bearded Iris by the labyrinth in the lower garden

After a second never-ending winter we looked forward to warmer weather

Bearded Iris by the chicken coop minus the chickens

Days where Gaia slowly awakened, stretching her arms to the sun

Bearded Iris rescued from the old home

This year she opened her eyes, threw off her blanket and rose quickly to meet the sun

Northern Lights Deciduous Azalea

Summer rushed in and her flowers drooped, grass died and seedlings burned

Bearded Iris

I may love the hotter weather but I can’t help worry about shorter transitions

Northern Lights Deciduous Azalea northern side of home


5 thoughts on “Last of the Late Spring Flowers

    1. I love following you blog. It has expanded how I view our world. My husband and I have had numerous conversations bout the effects of climate change. We do believe we are seeing the effects, and not an anomaly.

    1. We are having a proliferation of snakes. I am not afraid, and I do find them fascinating, but seeing a snake or finding a skin daily is beginning to become a bit difficult!

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