Every garden has corners, alcoves, hidden recesses


Vignettes only appreciated from unusual perspectives

Tulips by the potting shed

Plantings that make your heart leap

Parrot tuilps by potting shed

Flowers that are coveted

Parrot Tulip

My small planting of Parrot Tulips makes my heart leap and fills me with pride that they continue to survive

The potting shed and parrot tulips

A few years ago I created this post chronicling the history of these amazing plants don’t forget to click on the title to check it out!

Parrot Tulips – A Magnificent Mutation

Parrot Tulip 2

12 thoughts on “Parroting

  1. Your photos of your parrot tulips are waay more lust worthy than any catalogue pictures I have ever seen. You have made me a believer!

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