Daffodil Days

Immortalized in poetry

Close-up of early bloomong daffodil

Burned into memory

Daffodils on bank

Anticipation of sunshine here on earth

Daffodils rescued from a local cemetery

Only here for a fleeting moment

Close-up of daffodil cup

Returning next spring

Late blooming daffodils in lower garden

Beside the lake beneath the trees fluttering and dancing in the breeze 

from  William Wordsworth‘s  Daffodils

 Early bloomong daffodils All daffodils photographed  in this post were rescued from local homes and cemeteries


8 thoughts on “Daffodil Days

  1. Beautiful – a melody for the eyes, both your photos and your words. Lovely way to pause in my morning. Thanks Bonnie.

    1. My father who would have turned 100 on May 17th loved this poem. He would recite it to me as a child so whenever I see daffodils I think of him! I am a bit envious that you have seen the originals!

    1. Thank you with a little work ! We are lucky. And there are so many tossed at roadsides that root and grow and others removed from homes that you really don’t need to buy any!

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