Mid-April – Garden Walk

Hyacinth flower

I often forget that without winters there would be no spring

Glory of the Snow flowers

In environments adapted to the seasonal clock

The vegetable garden ready for plantimg

Flora and fauna need time to rest, to rejuvenate

Laceleaf maple in front of home

The earth needs her sleep in order to be revitalized

Puschkinia scilloides var. libanotica striped squill flower

But when she wakes

Iris flower

The gifts she gives to us for enduring an endless white landscape are beyond compare

Trumpet daffodil flower

Enjoy the gardens – Thank you for taking a moment of your time to

“walk the gardens with me”

Iris flower


15 thoughts on “Mid-April – Garden Walk

    1. Once it begins there is an onslaught of life and color! BTW May 15,16,17 my gardens will be open for tours in conjunction with the Governor Wolf Historical Society’s Garden Faire. You are welcome to come!

      1. You’re welcome…and wouldn’t that be sweet….to be able to photograph a particular angle of the garden at a specific time every day for the Spring/Summer season? I think it would be wonderful! 🙂

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