I Blinked – Another Year Gone

When you have fewer years in front of you than you do behind you

The gift of each day should be a priority

Honey Bee and Snow Drop - 2

But life gets in the way and some long for what they had

Queen's Anne Lace and old barn

And others what is to come

Skunk Cabbage

With 43 consecutive days of a snow-covered landscape

Potting Shed Garden under snow

and the inability to walk garden paths

Stream-side path by the Labyrinth

The anticipation of what is to come draws me back into what was and the moment is lost

Snowdrops side by side

Gardens are more than flowers

They are memories  – cherish yours

Winter Aconite March 31, 2014
Winter Aconite March 31, 2014
Winter Aconite March 10, 2013
Winter Aconite March 10, 2013
Winter Aconite February 20, 2012
Winter Aconite February 20, 2012

22 thoughts on “I Blinked – Another Year Gone

      1. Keep thinking of all them flowers: cozy underground, playing cards, relaxing, and planning their big entrance later this year. They need the time off so they can be their best when the time comes.

  1. Beautiful photos that warmed me as I sit indoors looking out at a beautiful blue sky and sunshine…..and 3 degrees!

  2. The winter aconite will come again, but perhaps not in March given all the snow that is on top of them! Your words and photos brought bright rays of sunshine into what is another gray rain soaked day. (We have had rain from every storm that brought you snow. I am grateful that I don’t have to shovel rain!)

  3. I always look forward to your beautiful contributions. At my age, 87, I rather enjoy winter to rest up for the next gardening season. This winter, however, has been a bit much. Am so curious to see how the flowers have survived under our mountains of snow here in upstate New York. You have a gift for photography as well as gardening.

    1. It thank you for your kind comments. It is my hope to continue connecting people with their natural environment through observations of the unique and beautiful that surrounds us.

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