Proliferation: The Self-seeded Garden

Orange Portulaca flower growing admist rocks in roadside garden      Purple Alyssum self-seeded in brick walkway

When we moved into our home in November of 2004 the only garden beds were foundation plantings. The present gardens began in 2005 with a modest creation of a garden bed adjacent to our driveway and the road.
 Garden bed adjacent to the driveway and road with self-seeded larkspur
Over the years I’ve removed poison ivy vines, raspberry canes and an assortment of weeds to create garden rooms.
 Impatiens have self-seeded between Golden Tiara hostas in the circular garden adjacent to labyrinth
The beds were originally filled with both divided perennials brought from our old home and store-bought annuals.
Echinacea transplanted to bed by potting shed  from self-seeded plants
  I must admit  was not expecting the proliferation of plants as annuals reseeded  and perennials jumped their beds.
Violets and Marsh Marigolds that jumped their woodland bed
I have come to realize that because of their continued proliferation
Portulaca, Alyssum and Celosia all self-seeded in front roadside garden
I have been able to increase the area of the gardens without having to continually oversee established beds.
 Alyssum and Portulaca in front roack garden near road
 Minimal weeding in spring is all that is needed which leaves time to enjoy the gardens!
Maddie sitting in a bed of self-seeded Ice Pansies
Click on any photo to find out more!
Self-seeded sunflowers
Larkspur and Roses

20 thoughts on “Proliferation: The Self-seeded Garden

  1. You know from yesterday’s gpod, how much I enjoyed seeing your enthusiastic volunteers. It’s great that you are so welcoming of their desire to be part of your garden. I would love to have such a generous amount of alyssum show up and serve as a groundcover. I wonder if you deliberately planted one of the blue or purple varieties, if they would reseed in future years also?

  2. Proliferation, indeed, my Dear Bonnie! I would say You have Many Bonnie Gardens! Gladdens the Heart. Kudos on Your efforts. …If You are getting the Flowers in the Wild, it is Nature’s way of appreciating Your efforts! 🙂

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